BLM Sues Itself…

Frank Dikötter’s Mao’s Great Famine

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  1. Of course they would steal from themselves – they were burning their own communities back when GF died. They're quick to point to "white supremacy" when things go wrong, but the real enemy of black people has always been self-hatred, tribalism, jealousy and a lack of loyalty for the communities they come from, and the people they always turn on first is their own, black, neighbors.

  2. "when white people leave things fall apart" ….One would have thought that lessons was learnt from the whites leaving the farms in south africa, once the food basket of africa now a wasteland of gangs and car jackings

  3. BLM is both a terrorist organization and an extortion racket. Where does the money go? It MOSTLY goes to the DEMOCRAT PARTY through the Tides Foundation and Act Blue, one of which is run by a literal convicted communist terrorist who assisted in bombing (I believe) the Capitol. BLM also coordinates with the known communist organizations tie to the CCP, Die Lenke, and the Susan Rosenberg Organization, the later who works with the former leader of the Communist Party of the GDR, aka “East Germany”, the wonderful people who brought us the Berlin Wall and the STASI. BLM was supported by stolen tax dollars in New York by another outspoken Communist, the former Mayor of New York. Who’s wife is also an outspoken communist who proudly adorns herself with a well-known symbol of pedophilia. BLM are not good people, they are the modern day KKK as the militant arm of the Democrat Party, which is indistinguishable from the Communist Party in both policy and tactics, because the current Democrats ARE communists.

  4. You know, as a white guy, it is nice seeing how blatant the racism against me is. People just straight up saying I'm lesser for my skin color really makes it easy to tell who's a real human and who's running the ideological program. God bless this woman for being such a full on piece of shit. Really bringing the rest of us together in opposition.

  5. i would rather find it funny if they all had pretended like they were on the moral righteous path but all secretly stealing the money…now its all i teh open they are just pissed the others stole more…just be clear these are the people that think that are of higher moral character than you… they are scum..nay they are worse than scum for they set up a charity to steal.. that my friends is the worst of the worse (not to mention all the rapes and murders that have happened via their members and high ranking members)

  6. Paid by left wing white people and those same left wing people who work for corporations,talked said corporations into the grift.
    It's a hilarious while dangerous protection racket.
    They should all be in jail.

  7. Communism: Make everyone poor while we the government, also family and friends are living comfortably. But at least everyone else is suffering equally.

    BLM: Takes money from ignorant poor people and rich white woman, then make the poor people even poorer. By destroying their neighborhoods with their “mostly peaceful protests”. While the ones in charge, friends and family live comfortably.

  8. I still have absolutely no clue how this movement is still going and people donate to it even though it is well known that the founder of BLM has five mansions and keeps all the donation money for herself.

  9. BLM killed 35 Americans in the summer of 2020, attacked American cities and created insurrection zones, and did millions of dollars of damages to families and their businesses. They are an extreme terrorist group that has yet to be held accountable for the violence they committed against Americans.

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