Blood Rituals – Micro-Chips – Wars – & You Won’t Be Able to Pay for FOOD

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  1. What's in my cart:
    2 pkgs of almonds (they've changed the net weight AND increased the price on these, so it's a double inflation whammy), 1 tray of chicken (was 1.99/lb; now 2.97/lb), 2 ribeyes (use to be 9.99/lb, not 12.99/lb), 1 jar of natural peanut butter (was 4.59, now 5.34), 1 package of peppers (was 2.19, now 2.88), and 60 large white eggs (3 months ago I was getting these for $6.59) 8.5% inflation, my arse! How are prices in your area on these items. Hey, don't forget to subscribe to my back up channels, GreaseMonkeyVideos and Here's the Deal. Links are in the description. Thank you.

  2. So if it doesn't track, and it doesn't do this,it doesn't do that, it doesn't do anything negative,… then why even have it? Because you don't wanna carry a wallet? There's always a real reason, and "convenience" isn't it. It's amazing how hard they try to make certain things look cool. "All the cool kids are doing it", you don't wanna be left out do ya? No thanks.

  3. The Bible is crystal clear on the drinking of blood.
    Blood rituals are dark demonic magic that goes all the way back to the Phonecian empire. Nothing new under the sun.

  4. I remember this 3 square market company from a few years ago.. They had a thumb scanner on all of their machines. I was instantly suspicious and turned off, I was like wow the mark of the beast is staring right at me. I was one of the only people who refused to use that damn thing, they want my bio metrics, my thumb print? And now this same company is chipping its own employees. I've said this once and I'll say it again, the truth shall set you free.

  5. Fauci is a piece of S..t.!! Talking about another wave of this Covid bull sh.t! I’m totally disgusted with this fool. , trying, doing an ok job at fooling the population by way of mind control of the God Almighty public media owned by the Elite only making you think what they choose reality to be. Repetitiveness.! They say something 3 times. Puts it into your subconscious! All day long, they don’t know the truth at all. Barely anybody does. Listen to Jonathan Kleck, if you want to know the truth! Jesus Christ is the Truth.! He will blow your mind by the truth. The truth hurts, and the truth is mind destroying, everything you know is a lie! Everything!

  6. World Party
    There was a time that we fed ourselves.
    America was the Shining Light!
    We built everything, here.
    We out performed in agriculture!
    We were prosperous!
    Then we embraced the World Party!
    We now depend on other people.
    2 Chronicles 7:14.
    Christians are called by his name.

  7. Wow I will have to get a government job to buy the crap your shilling for ✌️✌️ I think it’s time to part ways, your a shill for corporate America as you post shit and say your for freedom? Bullshit my fellow American, it’s been fun Brian but …..

  8. I actually had a hand fasting ceremony in the mountains and we also added a little blood drinking mixed in with some wine in a gorgeous goblet we bought for the ceremony. It was just a few drops from a butterfly iv needle. I'm not Christian but I do believe in a creator. That was one of four marriages. LOL 😂.

  9. Trump is a hell raiser, screaming baby adrenochrome eating pedophile child kidnapper, I know personally because I was a preachers nephew and wanted to see the HELLRAISER movie about to come out and I was in New York in 1986 and It got me and 2 other kids snatched, and only I escaped..

  10. If you’ll get a chip to open doors and pay for things sounds a lot like a tattoo on your forehead or hand can you say Mark of the Beast GOD help us it’s going to get worse

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