Bloodthirsty War “Experts” Say Ukraine War Is A Bargain

In a recent piece published by the Center for European Policy Analysis, economist Timothy Ash makes the case that the mere $100 billion the United States has spent (so far) on the Ukraine War has been totally worth it, mere “peanuts” actually, if the objective of the war is to destroy the Russian economy and to debilitate its military while sacrificing few, if any, American soldiers’ lives. The human cost of the war, whether to the Ukrainian people, the Russian people, the people in the rest of Europe or the Americans whose tax dollars are NOT being spent to solve domestic problems, doesn’t seem to factor in for Ash.

Jimmy and Revolutionary Black Network’s Nick Cruse discuss this blinkered, some might say sociopathic, view of the pros and cons of war.

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  1. 2:50 Can someone help with the math here? Pentagon's annual budget (at least the part we know about) is roughly $800 billion. Ukraine "aid" so far, $100 billion. That's 12.5% – a significant chunk of change. How do they come up with 5.6%? (still not peanuts)

  2. I saw videos of Moscow and St.Petersburs,2 nights ago, the cities were lit like Christmas trees, people shopping, with store full of all sorts of food and goods.There were no empty shelves in supermarkets

  3. So if USA spent 715bn a year military budget, Russia spent 65bn and the world turns out this reality we see today, then "corruption" is that which they spare no energy to forced developing countries to put on the shoes.

  4. What are depraved minded society according to the Bible?

    Saying the black is white and vice versa.
    Saying the male is female and vice versa.
    Saying the wrong is right and vice versa.

    What does the good book say about self righteousness?

    Sacrificing to god and worshipping god (idols, military industrial complex, etc) fervently to satisfy their inner most desire.

    What does the good book say about using God as an excuse to commit murder, rape and plunder?

    Depravity, self righteousness and using God’s name in vain are all it take for God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

    USA is Sodom and Gomorrah.

  5. CEPA is promoting REGIME CHANGE against POLAND! Literally, Poland is NATO's toilet cleaning slav but it's still not good enough! They want regime change! Not enough drag queen story hour?

  6. Note also how like typical Leftists they don't actually give any EVIDENCE of how the U.S. is "saving so much money"… that it's "peanuts".
    Let's see, the Inflation and Sanctions which effect the world over are costing us massively, not to mention the 100 Billion ITSELF. All the Humanitarian Aid in all its various forms which wouldn't continue to be needed if the war ENDED. I mean, there are so many aspects to this cost, let alone all the DEAD and those effects. This is why Leftists should NEVER have power in society, because they destroy it, it's their NATURE, because they think they are doing "good", when they in fact are doing EVIL.

  7. Glory to Russia Jimmy. You can't beat Russia Hitler tried it Napoleon tried it look at history and the Aza and nothing but Nazi the fourth Reich must be destroyed. Long live the motherland

  8. The US people can never wake up, they're too propagandized and too bogged down in debt. Capitol Hill is a cesspit of psychopaths and has now festered beyond the point of no return. The sooner Russia and China wake up to this grim reality and decisively act upon it, the better the chance for humanity's survival.

  9. Jimmy, the people in CEPA who wrote this wouldn't bust a grape in a fist fight! I hate civilians who write this Bull shit! They have no idea what war is like! Lol, a Bunch of coward assholes! We live in a world the violent men want peace more than anyone!

  10. We don't need NATO anymore 🖕. Where is my check for $100,000 for starters ??,….. American citizens will always be kept in perpetual war by private banking cartel . This is what financial houses of money changers do in every country they set up shop in . And now we have a two-party oligarchy system that does nothing more than the bidding of the Masters who own them through a private banking cartel. Think about it it only took a little over 100 years to do this to supposedly the greatest nation there has ever been on Earth. Total enslavement of the nation's population that's why you have a social security number. You are owned and your own government has sold you out you are a debt slave that's it. No one ever wants to talk about what our country really is when it comes time for a very deep financial discussion about our civilization

  11. Norway bought F35 "top knotch" fighter planes. They suck. One hour in the air, and 8 hours getting service. In Ukraine we have seen that US equipment is lacking compaired to more up-to-date Russian and Irani equipment. So those folks behind that article are tripping. The US can fight goat herders with WW2 equipment – but like Afghanistan showed us, they cannot win.

  12. Blinken is Secretary of State. Ron Klain is the White House Chief of Staff. Among other things he was a lobbyist for the financial mortgage giant Fannie Mae. He was also a venture capitalist in Solicon Valley.

  13. We spend over $800 billion per year on US defense which is mostly in anticipation of conflicts with Russia or China. The destruction of Russian military capability is well worth the cost of our support of Ukraine which is less than 10% of our defense spending. How can Dore possibly think that fewer Ukrainians will die if the US withholds support? In the places captured by the Russians, the Russians have mass murdered the populations and buried them in mass graves like in Bucha, for example.

  14. US fighting till the last Ukrainian, but also to the bottom of the European economy.
    After the Russian winter offensive this farce will be over.
    EU leadership, various EU governments and their useless sanctions will go down with Ukraine.
    Italy and Sweden already have had a change of government,
    Of course Europe will remember how callously comfortable the US was with destroying vital European energy infrastructure. This exposed NATO as a maffia type protection racket and may well spell the end for NATO.

  15. The people pushing this war are idiots and greedy They really believe they can defeat Russia When we hit the depression that is coming They keep pushing Russia and we get nuked What difference will it make The people pushing this are leading us straight to HELL

  16. Russian losses are not 100,000 much, much less because of the type of war that is being conducted long range to destroy Ukrainian harden positions and equipment then the ground forces go in to sweep up and take territory and key positions…
    AZOV lost over 11,000 out of 14,000 strong in Mariupol while only less than 2,800 surrendered at Azovstal steel works bunker as another UA marines surrendered in total of over 2,000 – Russia/DPR/LPR are holding over 13,000 POWs.
    Don't fly with Ukraine's numbers of Russian losses as it is not even remotely true as so many flip flopping victories and other fake news that is spewing lies of Ukraine's victory.
    So, it was the 1st reports that Russia's losses were over 3,100 dead while Ukraine has over 23,000 dead of the 1st month so how does the EU say that Ukraine lost 100,000 and Ukraine/West says that Russia also lost 100,000?!?

  17. The ukrainians want to fight. You guys keep skipping over this point the ukrainians want to fight because Russia doesn't believe they are a people or a country. This propaganda about dumbass shelling which has been highly exaggerated is f**** b***** the ukrainians did not want this war Putin did and now he's going to lose it

  18. Too much of USA thinking is really SICK!
    Is all this war crap, hegemony, and regime change truly the thinking of US people? Perhaps something negative needs to come their way to wake them up to reality.

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