Bloomberg SHILLS For Amazon Taking Over YOUR Town

Krystal and Saagar break down a Bloomberg op ed proposing that Amazon take over your town and enable them to exert even greater control over Americans’ lives

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  1. Sounds like the start of some distopian movie. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they start paying their workers in amazon currency that they can only spend in the amazon shop and grocery.

  2. A new Amazon facility is opening in Pasco, WA where we live. But if they burn through workers this fast, who will they hire in a couple years? There won’t be an available workforce who hasn’t already worked for them and been fired/quit very soon.

  3. Try to get average Americans to stop shopping there though. This is why the problem is not just the rich. It’s all of us who are unconscious and sleepwalking thru life making decision that have terrible consequences & not stopping to think about those impacts enough. We’re all (most of us) being part of the problem in significant ways.

  4. So… the 19th Century company towns are making a comeback then? I guess we're going backwards.. is this what libertarians wanted right? Corporate towns?So when will they start issuing scrips?

  5. The bigger Amazon gets the worse this country is. You already saw what Walmart did and still does to employees and no politician helps. To me it's simple. I DONT BUY AMAZON.

  6. Walmart looked at their turnover in, I think, 1999, and realized at the pace they were burning through people that by 2020, everyone in the US would have worked there. That's when they started taking better care of their employees..Eventually, Amazon will come to that realization. Amazon's policies are a reflection of Bezos narcissism, and Asperger's syndrome.

  7. Walmart is making the majority of their workforce full-time by early 2022. They are realizing they are losing good people and a good workforce. Part time people are always looking for something better. Also making anyone who works 30 hours or more eligible for medical insurance. Maybe walmart actually changes and swings back in the right direction?

  8. The Amazon part is not true. I work as a contractor in n their warehouses. I’ve had hard jobs. That is not even on my top 5. I would actually say they treat their associates very well. I do not work for them. I see it from the other side. The employees are generally great people who are happy to have a good paying jobs. UPS pushes their people WAY harder.

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