Blowing The House Down: With Tarric Brooker

Our latest Friday afternoon chat, picking over the latest charts, which are telling a confusing story, as Central Banks continue to hike into a head wind.

How will this play out?

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  1. interest rates up is so that USD can remain relevant. to much debt in USD, BRICS making a move! so many political decisions that need to be right ref war in Europe, Pacific, Mid East, even USA is looking at internal conflict! Recession is coming to Europe and China is busy locking down cities. oh well interesting times

  2. Son’s friends in their early 40’s have a $1.3m mortgage, they have been freaking for last 6 x mths as she is pregnant again, house valued at $1.6m Placed house on market 72 days ago, held an auction 2 x weeks ago with zero bids placed, since had 3 x offers with best being at $1.3m / they have accepted it yesterday. They are now back at zero losing all their invested money & moving back in Father's house for a while. He’s a Chemist & now starting out again. Oddly he’s far happier now knowing he’s out from under a debt he’d struggle with. Sad but they & son know of many hanging on by fingernail’s… the stress on family was massive

  3. Be careful with that.
    Just come from 'Pumped on Property".
    Some pretty solid growth coming up for Brisbane it seems.
    It could double by 2032.
    Might be time to buy NOW!
    Before you are locked out forever.

  4. Historical cash rates sit at 4-5%, this is the real world. People have gotten so used to ultra-low rates they think its normal. It isn't. What we are returning to is normal.

  5. Rising interest rates will possibly effect renters too as landlords will attempt to pass on the rising costs (from rising rates) to renters.

    This will effect all renters vs only some home owners (newer higher loan principals)

  6. The news cycle has as much effect as interest rate policy.

    Housing gets talked up, talked up and talked up. Then we have the FOMO kick in.

    But if the news cycle starts to talk it down, talk it down and talk it down. Then we will have FONGO (fear of not getting out) start to kick in.

  7. Isn’t it amazing how so many countries can’t have a healthy housing market if central bank settings are just at neutral or average setting. Shows interest rates to low for to long creating to much high debt. Central banks should be able to set neutral rates most of the time. Governments and the public need to wake up and central banks need to stop stuffing around getting interest rates wrong. In downturns central banks need to be more careful. Central banks should run at approximately 3% . Even the decade after the GFC central banks were under neutral. Assets are going to reset or central banks will back off to early and kick the can down the road

  8. American and china’s housing market looks very bad. Didn’t housing get so stupid since the GFC that shadow banking took over normal banks lending for property. Something like 60% . Id hate to imagine whats in these non banks. There going to be something real bad come out very soon

  9. Real estate never goes down? We have had mostly up, how far will it go down is the question. All those years of government intervention has paid off for the largest crack up boom.

  10. Just a question here outside of property getting back to reality prices.The Question is..what is the best way excluding precious metals is there, to stop cash in the bank from dropping in value 6% a year as at this rate my savings will be reduced bu 50% by the time I retire .

  11. Speculating here. The interest rate hikes in a supply-side inflation is to nip in the bud the emergence of psychology of the public expecting inflation to be enduring – resulting in higher wage demands and 'buy now before the price goes up'.

  12. There are reasons why jobs were offshored. Low wages. lower safety etc. Then add in "Availability of capital to buy the equipment" (Not happening in an uncertain environment with ever increasing interest rates and lower customer demand. Now add in – do we have a workforce skilled and willing to work at these jobs? (Not happening in full employment). Now look at the end price – a Teeshirt from China is $5 – if it were made 100% in USA you would need cotton farms and cheap sewing – on a good day that shirt is now $50USD. With no significant wage rises, that is not going to work. Just politicians virtue signaling.

  13. The FED just paid its gym membership and its going to lift to make sure it gets its money's worth seeing the inflation next year their membership will be double the price.

  14. As inflation rises, people see the loosing purchasing power, so spend savings and spend their pay as fast as they earn. Which adds to inflation. Central planners / Communisms fifth plank of the communist manifesto = Central Bank.. Forced to act after they created the problem by having interest rates too low for too long. See Weimar Republic, pre WW2 Germany, Venezwalai, Argentina etc. Centrally planned inflation leading to deflation – recession / depression.

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