Blue Lives Matter Protests ERUPT Across US As Conservatives Start Speaking Out

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Written by Timcast

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  1. I agree with most of what you say, however, protest that infringe on my rights, like shutting down highways…no good! In addition, I don’t agree with wear whatever you want to work. Could you imagine wearing a MAGA hat to work? The leftist would go crazy.
    I do agree that we need to speak up and stand up! Or they will be coming after you next!

  2. The police had fired a tear gas canister and it was on the ground. The guy then picked it up, held it for a moment, and then threw it back at the police. That’s when he got hit with the rubber bullet. It’s prudent to divulge all of the facts about a story.

  3. Rallying in support is not a protest, there are no blue lives matter "protesters". What are they protesting? The protesters are the ones that are "protesting" blue lives matter. Did we forget the meaning of words?

  4. Blue lives matter is a pitiful attempt to say White lives matter because White people just can’t organize based on their own interests unless advocating vicariously for someone or something else.

  5. Black lives matter has no legit reason to take a stand! that's not something to be proud of lol. All the people kill by cops were wanted for some sh#t going down, all this crap over one racist cop taking down a fraudster. If that's your idea of a hero then you are f'd in the head big time.

  6. They r kids and have no responsibilities they live with their parents and don’t have kids r any bills so all they r doing since they can’t party is now riot!! Bc they r getting paid these blm antifa r paid democrats rioters !!! The right doesn’t have fake people being paid to cause ciolence and harm to cities and people !! I know for a fact these people r being bused around get their try to send out posters to get others involved thinking their r their for blacks but it’s all a plot to take power and give terrorist r country !! I mean come on who has time to do this unless ur making ur money by violent protesting !!

  7. Good they need to defend themselves and they need to be getting hurt to wake these idiots up !! They report everything and everyone they decide will help their agenda but when it is not helping their agenda they won’t report it ! How do average America have a chance when they e being demonized by ever media outlet that is bought and paid for by evil democrats ! These people have always been so evil now that Obama used his time to take control over all media all governments offices all specialist bc he used r intelligence to get dirt on all people that would speck out and now these terrorist owe r biggest organizations in r country and that is what trump is fighting not just the left but all corrupt and giving back power to the people and taking power away from governments

  8. “I can’t speak up, I have children to support”, well, now you know how evil the far-left are. They don’t care at all. And people still think it’s the left who has all the compassion ?.