Blue State REFUSES to Follow CDC Guidelines!

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services said it won’t adopt new, shorter COVID-19 isolation/quarantine guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control until it reviews “the supporting evidence … while awaiting additional information, … specifically for special populations and in high-risk settings.” This rejection represents a clear indication that there are many within the healthcare community who question whether the CDC is truly “following the science” or merely caving to corporate or political interests.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss what this high profile divergence from official government policy may mean.

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  1. That use to be the standard for transmissability of coronaviruses. I'd guess that this was also the case for Covid-19 but, now, it suits them to reduce the quarantine?

  2. Taiwan is different from the US though.

    There hasn't been a large scale outbreak in Taiwan. The population in Taiwan is only protected by the vaccine, which isn't very effective against Omicron. Omicron does still have some potential mortality with it especially in populations with low acquired immunity, although it is lower than delta. Omicron would almost definitely sweep through Taiwan like a wildfire in just a few weeks. It would be absolute fucking chaos.

    What you're looking at here Jimmy is the fact that "there's no data on this" is not accurate. There is data on this. It just hasn't had enough time yet to get scrutinized by the peer review process. So in medical communities, this is not considered to be hard data.

    As time goes on though, the data all points in the same direction and is slowly catching up as the peer review process moves along.

    So they are making excuses to keep lockdown going when the data says they aren't necessary, because they want to keep the lockdown going. It's no more than that. Just an excuse.

  3. I need you to understand there is no Hellen lovejoy out there panicked thinking about our children. They close schools because old and fat teachers are at risk. Not the kids. The kids are how they guilt you into accepting their garbage vaccinations. That’s all…. Open those eyes jimmy

  4. Be a leader and go out and get your daily cocktail Rx medications injected earlier than those who would dare to question the pseudo science of money for nothing dr falsi (master provider of dog torture for science, profit, fame and power)

  5. These extreme stupid leftist like David pakman on YouTube and others defend these big tech companies in the censorship criticize conservatives Republicans as napping for the free market which and want government regulation and they only do so because they detect favors them and their political leanings

  6. All my life (as an independent) I was told by liberals to switch to the Democrat Party and that the Republicans were authoritarians. Turns out the left is more authoritarian than the right.

  7. By the way, the local hospital that infected my home with their neglectful practice's of not testing people the release from their care at ground zero and allow positive employees to come in because they need the help. This has been going on for months!

  8. Let’s all remember Governor Whitmer who banned people in Michigan from going up to their cottages because “people will touch the gas pumps”. You just can’t get any more stupid than that.

  9. I couldn't see how anyone could ever vote Democrat again after their massive meltdown from Trump winning. Now after the Biden administration's disastrous first year I really can't see how anyone could vote for the commies.

  10. CDC has NEVER justified ANY of their rules w/science! Since forever, we have always known you're contagious at the beginning not an illness, not the end

  11. Just a heads up. It is true that a person can refuse a field breath test for alcohol. However, in many US states, it is a crime to refuse to submit to the test. Penalties are usually the same as DUI/DWI.

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