Bobulinski Corroborates Hunter Biden Email Claims, While Legacy Media Fixates on… Borat



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  1. Hair-sniffer Jr. ?

    Trump's campaign song, "YMCA", I think may be a wink about Hunter Biden. Read the lyrics, a few lines ring true. Hunter's basically homeless, shuffled all over the world, & unable to get himself clean. Re Hunter's money corruption, "No man does it alone…" (Joe.) Trump & Guliani were just waiting for the right moment to release this story. In the meantime Trump smugly blasts YMCA knowing what's coming. Brilliant.

  2. I heard Trump is bringing Bobulinski to sit in front at the debate tonight. Just like he brought all of Bill's accusers at the debate with Clinton. Trump is masterful.

  3. Copy paste from the NYPOst: President Trump has invited former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski to Thursday night’s debate against Democratic challenger Joe Biden, sources said.

    Bobulinski will be a guest of the commander in chief at the second and final showdown between Trump and Biden in Nashville.

    Fox News first reported the detail Thursday, and a source told The Post Trump was “bringing” him.

    Trump plans to point to Bobulinski when he brings up the much-scrutinized overseas business dealings of his son, Hunter — exposed by The Post — during the debate.

    The Post last week published a trove of alleged Hunter Biden emails that appear to detail his dealings with Ukraine and China — and undermine his father’s repeated claims that they never discussed such matters.

  4. Heard about Bobulinski from Dan Bongino Show. He's been covering all of this for a looooonnnnnngggggg time. Check out his books, "SPYGATE" and "FOLLOW THE MONEY", available on Amazon.

  5. Is Cohen still doing his Borat schtick? Even Steve Martin had put away his white suit and "crazy guy" routine and was on to other things by 1983. I guess Cohen is already on a 2000s nostalgia tour. Sad.

  6. Trump should go in the debate with pictures and his own mic. He should make his case drop the mic and leave. Biden can stand there and talk for a hour and choke on his words. Two of Hunter’s business partners have now flipped releasing their own E mails. Three separate sources and the press is still pushing their Russian bull?

  7. Age restricting some of your Video content? and yet they want Kids to be able to Vote? WTF is wrong with these (cough) Demn people (cough)

  8. Rudy has actionable information, while the Dems content themselves with what amounts to a-hole, Sacha Baron Cohen's fart jokes. We'll see who gets prison time and who doesn't.

  9. Irish media hasn't mentioned Bidens son at all but that Borat scene has plenty of coverage.

    Really though, the Irish press has truly been nasty towards Trump and his supporters. Pat Kenny has major league TDS.

  10. Sacha Baron Cohen is a leftist and has been parading around for years duping people into compromising situations. He did it as Ali G and now Borat. I facepalm when people still fall for it. Let his career die already!

  11. I’m sick of these left wing political assassins that come out every election. Like Sacha Baron Cohen and Michael Moore these types are just like political vultures