Bogus “Appeasement” Argument Used By Warmongers On Ukraine

“Appeasement.” It’s become the clichéd, go-to argument for any public figure insisting that the United States must either go to war or continue with an existing war, invoking the specter of Hitler even when circumstances, as with Russia in Ukraine, bear little to no relation to the situation faced by European nations prior to World War II. So whether it’s Iraq, Iran, Putin, Kim Jong Un or whoever else the terrifying bogeyman enemy du jour is, the chants of “Appeasement!” will always come out demanding more bloodshot and weapons sales.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the frequent invocation of Munich whenever there’s war to be mongered.

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Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the progress of the Russian invasion and the media’s changing story.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. All these weapons being used ineffectively draining our war chest. And China smiling as it gets ready to take Taiwan. Joe Biden is really an idiot.
    In all seriousness and I do mean serious Putin may just say fuck it. And not go to the peace table. Just conquer the whole damn thing.

  2. These warmongers know nothing from history except 1938 and not even that properly. All they ever do is demonizing / hitlerizing their opponent. It is also known as Godwin's Law. Whenever Munich comes up, rational discussion ends.

  3. I understand and support not wanting to give war money to Ukraine however supporting Russians expansion efforts doesn't make you the littlest angel either. Also calling Ukrainians Nazis is a callback to the last 6 years of Russiagate we dont need anymore of that Jimmy and you know better you're pushing your own agenda with that nonsense, because what the Azov Regime, Jesus man.

  4. Land for peace ALWAYS works!
    Let them have Crimea and that kept war and aggression from happening again! Oh wait…

    Maybe just give Russia all of Europe now in order to save time and unnecessary deaths? Probably should give them Alaska and parts of US northwest back as well to avoid future conflict; not sure if Trudeau would hand over the parts of Canada Russia once claimed though…

    If we give China all of Asia and the pacific islands that would save time and unnecessary deaths too right? Maybe throw in India as well just to make sure China is happy?

  5. Ukraine needs long range missiles to go on slaughtering civilians in the Donbass cities that are further away from the front line now. Their last massacre in downtown Donetsk was an achievement of US-delivered Wunderwaffe M777. This carnage doesn't change the outcome nor does it legitimate Ukrainian claims to lost territory.

  6. It goes all the way back to Moses, when they start with their bullshit about God and the Bible: where, right in the very beginning, God said Let there be light. And then God, in his infinite wisdom, called the light Day, and he called the darkness Night. And that was the first day. Four fucking days later, God created the ☀️ Sun and the Moon 🌙. And idiots believe that shit! No wonder the world is fucked.

  7. its exactly what US want
    keep the war going by make it stay in ukraine
    however they should realize russia is not those other middle east country that easily bullied and propaganda by US
    they can obliterate ukrain easily if they wanted to and they hold multiple EU nation on the balls as the supplier for gas and oil

  8. Firstly really enjoy your show one of the few yt channels worth watching! Im so sick of people thinking &/or acting as if it’s 1938, it’s now 2022. Klaus, Soros, IMF, WHO, UN, NATO all have the same agenda. George W. Bush & Co. USA wanted an excuse to invade Iraq to finish off where his old Daddy, Bush Snr left off. George W. Bush/USA found no WMD, took their oil, money, kept on killing and destroyed Iraq just like they did later in Syria etc. Just to empower and enrich as usual the military industrial complex. Nearly every war the US starts or ever gets involved in with other countries has nothing to do with them. Politics in the US on both sides are more morally bankrupt than ever! The Russian Ukraine conflict has nothing to do with the West. Agree if anyone dares to state facts about Russia & Ukraine you can be called a Putin Supporter (the new Hitler). Sick of MSM telling people lies that most believe because most are too mentally lazy to bother doing their own research. Russian ruble is doing well whilst US $$$ is tanking whilst so many in the US live in poverty. Just imagine what $40 billion could have done for American people? Hate that US seems to be taking down their allies with them whether most there realise this or not. It seems like that to many “down under” especially after Biden’s recent Freudian slip about defending Taiwan against China is a dreadful example of what his morally bankrupt Dem Administration have in store for us. They don’t give a F*** about any of us! As you rightly say Jimmy, Biden and that laughing hyena Karmala aren’t running the country….so who the hell is? Is it CIA, Homeland Security, Pentagon, FBI, Big Tech, Big Pharma/Bill Gates, Billionaire Elites in Davos, 99 yr old Kissinger, what, why or whom??? Geopolitics is a total mess now in 2022. Maybe it really is the end of the American Empire perhaps?

    I fear like many here, that if the Biden Administration decide to have a “proxy war here”? Just like in “the Ukraine with Russia” with “China over here in Australia” will the US Military actually help us or let us fall? We only have a small population of near 27 million, we are surrounded by sea, we have a small military, no nuclear weapons yet and it’s really frightening to contemplate. War is horrific as we all know! Do you think the US will either leave us to it? Even though the US has dragged us into nearly every conflict that they’ve ever been involved in or started because we’re “allies”. Realising that we’re a part of Asia with China so very close by. Recently there has been another Chinese submarine just off our west coast along with a number of cyber attacks on our own government’s infrastructure. It’s a never ending balancing act for our Government with CCPChina from trading with them, along with China developing ports very nearby with our Pacific allies like in the Solomon Islands. After our previous PM Scott Morrison did such an atrocious job over there, our new PM has to deal with them now. Since recent Federal election our new PM Anthony Albanese & new Foreign Minister Penny Wong went straight from QUAD meeting with US Biden, Japan PM & Indian PM, then flew straight over to Fiji, Tonga and other pacific nations whom have been our allies forever. China is always trying to bribe them with easy money & supposed infrastructure. Difference is we don’t bribe them, never have & have always supported them as much as possible. Same as China has done to many African States & that hasn’t turned out well for them.

    CCP China will never give up until it’s their time to be a Superpower. They’ve never forgotten nor forgiven the infamous “Opium Wars” & are destroying America,’s people from within such as the fent** crisis etc etc. They have created islands nearby too for their ships and troops although they will never admit it. Anyone can see them on google maps or videos. The Phillipines have a corrupt new leader Marcos, son of the infamous Marcos crime family that stole their wealth. So Phillipines are in with China now. They want South Korea on side of course, already have crazy North Korea, their fishing fleet (hidden naval fleet) in Vietnamese waters, trying to get Thailand onside, seemed to have convinced Papua New Guinea not truly but using financial bribery with lots of empty promises, just hope Indonesia don’t succumb to China? Otherwise it could be game over for us. Sincerely hope not but its a really huge problem for us and everybody else in the west US, UK, Eurozone, Asia, Australia, Africa & New Zealand.

    Point is Jimmy it would be great if you could discuss the China vs Taiwan issue? Along with the USA & allies strategy in your opinion featured on your show would be great! Especially with your many contacts and geopolitical experts maybe too? As China are our main trading partner but you know whom got more trade after our old PM Scomo was first in the world to ask for investigation into Covid-19 in China? As afterwards China cut so much of our trade for so long. It was the US that took heaps of our trading with China that’s what happened to us during the pandemic. First under Trump & then under Biden too. Many Australians especially those whom live here have fled from places like Hong Kong, Tibet & from mainland China to escape the CCP. Can you imagine how they are feeling now especially with the war in the Ukraine? Along with Russia having close ties with China. Like the rest of us here general that are aware of all the multifaceted geopolitical tensions feel an ‘existential threat’ looming over us. Some of us are unsure even though we’ve always been allies to the USA, will they be allies for us if we need them? Do you think the US Military will be there for us if China invade us? Or do you think we’ll either be just collateral damage? Or perhaps it may depend on whether the military industrial complex will make a big profit out of it? Either by just sending us weapons but perhaps not troops? Unlike the Ukraine we don’t have a big population as most of our country is desert accept for cities and coastal areas.

    Sry for such a long msg but many people here do feel worried by what’s happening in the Ukraine and Biden’s ‘Words of War’ about defending Taiwan too? Despite political PR trying to say that he didn’t say it or mean it…..he did because like many saw it & heard him too. Just keep forever hoping for the sake of all people and future generations that there will be World Peace one day!🙏☮️🙏☮️🙏
    Thanks again for your awesome shows as always! So happy to actually catch your livestream today (Wednesday night) your time. If you ever dare to tour Australia? 😂 lol We’d really love to see you live.
    All the best to you & your team, Cazangelcat☺️

  9. Comparatively Hitler had a far bigger war machine than Putin. The comparison to 1938 is just hyperbole. Putin hasn't the capability nor cause to go any further. As well, there is a precedent for the Russians retaining the Donbas. The Dayton accords consisted of several land concessions, land that was taken during war and relinquished because of a recognized dominant and opposing population. It worked and the Balkans are at peace… for now.

  10. The first thing to understand, is The Russian Federation is not the Soviet Union. Known of course, since 1991-but few know what it really means. There are books to read…

  11. The books to read if you want to attempt to understand. The “history” ones are there to deceive you. Power is exercised in the shadows and anonymously, by masters of deception. But some things can’t be hidden, especially State Department Decimal files. Professor Antony Sutton was able to see him since he worked at Stanford with access to the Hoover Library. No one thought anyone would snoop and look at the files.
    His “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development” is the best place to start. “ Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution”, “Wall Street and The Rise Of Hitler”, and “Wall Street and FDR” are equally important.
    “The Anglo-American Establishment” by Carroll Quigley. Cecil Rhodes era, and Alfred Milner’s Milner Group, Inner Circle, Round Table and Kindergarten. A pretty sinister and ingenious system of running the British Empire, while people thought the Royal clowns and Prime Ministers ran the show 😂😂😂
    Many of us, our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents have been fooled for a long time.
    Gary Allen’s books on the Rockefellers and CFR too.
    And most important, Douglas Reed’s 1956 book, only published in 1978-
    All of them can be found online as PDFs, but be careful of sabotaged copies.

  12. So, our government is, once again, liberally spending billions of our scarce tax moneys to make war for the globalist Tribe's latest project of aggression in Jew-Couped Ukraine.

  13. Appeasement in an international context is a diplomatic policy of making political, material, or territorial concessions to an aggressive power in order to negotiate peace

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