BOMBSHELL: Another BLM SCAM Revealed! Possible Money Laundering SCHEME.. BLM’s Response Is PRICELESS


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  1. Poor black communities, bad schools, high crime, homeless,poor seniors, and BLM buying mansions, and living like millionaires, and hiding the money,????💰💰💰💰💰BLM and Democrats only use blacks for political power and financial gains, and VOTES

  2. Imagine the joy they got as they realised how lucrative this race grift was turning out to be. It’s ironic that only an essentially non racist population would feel compelled to donate. Like that self selecting group of people that pay $600 to be lambasted for your white privilege at an anti-racist dinner party! You can just picture real racists queuing round the block for that scam.

  3. The only people I see that go after people are the leftist after information is revealed about anyone. Be it a millionaire or some nobody off the street, the left don’t care as long as they have power.

  4. I would go to the front gate of the fence wall surrounding the mansion and start putting up large stickers that say "sponsored by Proctor & Gamble" or "funded by Intel with a generous contribution from Apple" or "And most of all, paid for with funds donated by people like you, Suckafool"

  5. I truly hope that her and her little circle go to prison it's not bad enough that she stole money but she stole money from her own people black lives and yes black lives do matter so it is every body else's lives matter it's not just one car one race one ideology we all matter but I have this horrible disgusting woman and her little circle Rob her own people she should be in prison talk about Trump who helps and helped a lot of people in the United States citizens especially everybody talks bad about him but he didn't do a darn thing bad so tell the truth the world's afraid of the truth it seems well the truth is here she's nothing but a freaking crook no good

  6. BLM leaders need to be investigated and sent to jail!!! BLM needs to have their money ceased and re invested into the black community, helping out small businesses and the homeless!

  7. Do you see the 3 & 6 in everything they do? The mansion was bought for 3 .1 million., How much is that after closing? Then 6 days later it sold for 5.8 million, how much is that after closing? BLM sold the mansion to themselves using a shell company in order to launder an additional 3 million dollars.
    The BLM subway shooter in New York fired 33 shots.
    A simple alpha-numeric equivalency gives you B=2 L=12 M=13 21213 so 2&1 is 3 2&1 is 3 & 3 is 333 or just add them all up, and either way you get 9 which is just a damn inverted 6!
    That’s no accident y’all.
    Look into BLM’s history particularly the numbers pertaining to BLM’s theatrics.
    There’s a reason the Bible revealed the number of the beast, which is the number of his name.
    Because if you didn’t know, then you would be blind to it’s meaning.
    What does the Bible say? Let he who has discernment Calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of his name and that number is 666.
    How do numbers relate to the alphabet?
    It requires Discernment as in A=1 B=2 C=3 etc. One does not have to pay homage to the beast by his name, but by the number of his name…
    It’s really no wonder that self described Christians don’t see the truth, they’re ignoring the inspired word of Almighty God!!
    How can anyone reasonably expect to know the Heavenly Father, without knowing the Gospel?

  8. This was never about fighting supposed racism or gaining racial equality to this group of people. It was about them being mad at this perceived notion that white people have everything handed to them and them wanting a piece of the "privileged" pie through force, guilt and demand rather than merrit. So once they got their piece; they showed their true colours which displayed the fact that they never cared about the black community, black lives or their supposed Marxist values. It was all a ploy for status, wealth, material gain and nothing more.

  9. I think their lives are being put at risk. I mean after the public finds out the BLM is nothing more than a group of con artists ripping off millions of dollars from caring people. What hurts the most is that BLM went out to hurt all black people as much as possible. I would imagine that their are lots of energy people who would like to get their hands on these horrible con artists.

  10. Janaya's real name is Jenaya Con but she had it changed because she believed it "triggered" her suckers who wouldn't fork over their hard earned cash for someone with the "CON" in their name; on the other hand. Khan, though spelled differently, subconsciously makes it clear what she actually is and if you believe a "con" then you get what you deserve.

  11. They throw the word "joy" around so the general population glances over their transgressions. Something similar happened many years ago (25-30 yrs ?) when I was still married to my first wife. She worked at a daycare center that used to spank the children that got out of line. If memory serves only the manager and/or another lady actually did this. Possibly more, but I don't remember. They would take the unruly child into the bathroom and spank them with a ruler or similar object and tell the child they were "getting sugar".
    The child(ren) would tell their mom they "got sugar" today, and the unsuspecting moms would always say something like "How sweet!" (no pun intended) and drive home happy thinking their child had a great day.
    My wife and another lady found out about it and reported them to the authorities, then resigned that day.

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