Bombshell COVER UP By Twitter & Facebook To Protect Joe Biden! Big Tech Election Interference!

The idea that this isn’t some level of tech censorship or at the very least election interference I don’t know what to say. Would they protect Donald Trump in the same way?

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  1. Big tech defending democrats? What else is new. Trump sneezing wrong is front page news for days. Biden actually guilty of what Trump was wrongfully impeached for….crickets.

  2. Twitter has to pay for this. we will not put up with this. You are going to be changed to be a non public publisher and we are going to sue your A****!!!!! We are setting up hundreds of lawsuits with immediate injunction to federal district court!!!!

  3. They just need to ENFORCE 230 … it's only supposed to apply for carriers of information from OTHER content providers … if they are controlling the content of what is carried they are a PUBLISHER

  4. So leftists are allowed to post lies but conservatives aren’t allowed to post the truth. Got it. Social media locked up 2020 for a senile, warmongering, corrupt loser. I’m sick

  5. Not one of his supporters, but I really hope Trump wins. The left is everything they say everyone else is. They still haven’t excepted the results of the 2016 election (you know, the same thing they’re accusing the right of doing in the future somehow) it’s mine boggling

  6. This is NOT the sort of action taken by an unbiased platform. These are the actions of a publisher and these social platforms need to start being treated as such.
    They can't have their cake and eat it.