BOMBSHELL! Forensic Audit Results Antrim County!

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  1. In college Obama majored in constitutional law. Ue knows the Constitution inside and out like Satan knows the Bible. If Biden gets in it will actually be Obama pulling the strings… even if Harris replaces Biden.

  2. Marshall Law is Trump's only path to try and salvage our constitution and this Republic. We must go to a Democratic Monarchy. Get rid of the whole system and start again. Including, community policing.

  3. We the People demand that these results be made public , we decide the outcome of the election, not wrong doers trying to manipulate the time frame to either parties advantage. Call your state Legislators and voice your concern , keep your conversation to under a minute.

  4. Isn't it WAAAAY too late to do anything? The electors are already sent and on their way? I hate to say but the criminals got away with this big time. Anyone want to bet it will be unblocked Tuesday after the electors have cast their votes for Biden?

  5. There is no hope, unless martial law, which the army won’t listen to him either. You can’t cure a nation, when everyone in the office is corrupted. You need a revolution when everyone is corrupted.