BOMBSHELL: Google CAUGHT Censoring Republican Candidates 820% MORE OFTEN Than Democrats!


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  1. What?!?
    You mean “the science” touchstone isn’t anymore effective or truthful then the plague charms sold during the medieval times were? You can’t just slap that on anything/everything and have it cover your ignorance or blatant stupidity? Including politics?
    Ugh 😱, nnnooo!

  2. I can also attest when my phone was destroyed and the SIM card with it, on my new phone when I searched for your channel (I had to create a new account because the other info was so old that I lost it and couldn't remember it and I didn't feel like trying retrieve and authenticate and try to remember old security question answers), I got TheLiberalHindu.

  3. What is funny in a way is the pundits and activists who clutched pearls over Trump’s callout of CNN etc as “Fake news” are now the same pundits and activists want to be punitive against anything they deem “disinformation” even when said information has long been observed and monitored before these activists were in diapers but I guess that is the bipolar shenanigans by those who live by a binary thought process while they scream bloody murder over binary formation of genetics.

  4. I am surprised by two things: 1) they needed a study to find that out (a google VP was in Killery campaign.. so..) and 2) they don't know how to do better than that: we expect that the people that get elected are knowledgable people.. and yet they dont know how such an important assets like eail communication works.. it is disappointing.. they should have their very own server AND they should warm up the email address (this means you work your way up from a most lilely spam from a trustable email).. and, at that point, what they will do will be, de facto, illegal.. and it will be time to hit them in such a way that they will be reduced to bits and bytes

  5. Sorry ladies, but this leftist/woke culture/Democrat delusion is a product of women and beta males that do their bidding. I think a lot of intelligent conservatives, non-"liberal" or non-"progressive" women will agree with me on this, that modern women are largely brainwashed to be irrational and even cruel…. I am not saying there aren't men involved, I am just saying that on the spectrum of emotion vs. reason, a much larger portion of women and beta males are on the emotion side of the scale; and they have a political party called "The Democrat Party".

  6. P.S. This is NOT a "bombshell". We've been talking about Google landing squarely on the Marxist/Democrat Party side, and we were talking about this censorship by Google for many years now.

  7. well yeah, there's just evidence now. even when i do a simple search for work the results are bias. Or search up your favorite car insurance company… you'll encounter the first page of ad links and 1 or 2 to their website.

  8. Leftist don't live in the real world they live in there little communist utopia that's why they never understand why everything they doing is felling. But there is hope for us we can Hash-tag deport all leftist aka communist to a "communist utopia" somewhere else in the world.

  9. If you make a company and make money from that…..that is a great thing.

    If you wine about wanting control about some other person's company build your own company instead or move to China

  10. Thus, the big push for "Parallel Economies". Let those mindless drones wither & die on their OWN vine! Already happening in real-time to CNN & CNN+ ! You can't kick a dog anymore if he turns his teeth at you &/or runs away!

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