BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton’s Fixer Just Admitted He’s A Paid Operative!!


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  1. The Democratic party is absolutely not to be trusted these people have perverted our government they have turned it into a nazi-esque fascist state they have FBI doj doing their gestapo stormtrooper work running around and attacking the political opponents of any of the democratic party these people continue to break the law I mean if you look in the news how many democratic Congress people and Mayors and city council people that are all Democrats there's like 10 of them in like the last two months that have been arrested for driving under the influence drunk driving these people seem to celebrate every single time they destroy something and yet you really don't hear about it all that much in the news because oh because they don't want to make the Democratic party look bad and that's because we have this corrupt media working for them as well you let a republican do something and oh man it is headline news on every channel but when a Democrat gets drunk and crashes into something hope it gets swept under the bridge real quick not nothing to see here gone I'm sick of it I am so sick of the Democrats constantly screwing every buddy in America over these people are corrupt to the core and they want to hang on to their power by any means and trust me any one of us they would have us taken out in a second if they thought it would guarantee them winning these people are the worst kind of criminals they smile on your face and tell you they're going to give you everything that you ever wanted and then as soon as you turn your back there's dagger stabbed In the American people need to stand up and start yelling louder than these leftist radical activists who are constantly screaming and for some reason these corporations and these congressman and senators all seem to be afraid of them like they're going to get called out oh these guys don't like this or that so they're evil who cares when you got a bunch of freak scream at you that you're a bad person well that means you're a good person if you're pissing off the left that means somebody we should vote for is there because anything those people want is either perverted sick twisted and against the American way they hate America they curse the flag they spit on the flag they tell you that having a family and being a religious person is evil it's a bad thing no you have to be some kind of a transgender freak and want to have sex with kids oh then you're cool these people all need to be put in jail for pedophilia and child molesting for another thing the Democratic party has embraced and I'm telling you they're trying to drag us into being the new Sodom and Gomorrah and this needs to stop by any means necessary

  2. How do they keep getting away with these awful crimes? Someone must have their back that's covering for the .. but who?

    Oh! Oh! Oh yeah. The DOJ and FBI and itelligence agencies and main stream media are all infected with left leaning idealogs. They must be the ones.

    They seem to think it is better to cover for corupt and misaligned leftist politicians than to do the their jobs .. and the right thing.

  3. gj bro, you managed to prove what i was saying 7 years ago
    gj people inthe comments, you can point out its insane
    now what? are you finally going to realize we dont live in a democracy? that its been fake all along?
    na… itll be fine…

  4. I have been calling the FBI the Democrat KGB/Gestapo service for a couple of years now. The FBI needs to be deloused and all semblance of political partisanship purged from all levels of the organization!!!

  5. There's a far greater possibility of Trump going to prison than there is that Hillary Clinton will even be indicted.

    The Biden administration is doing everything it can to get maximum coverage and sentences for those involved in the Capitol riot. The FBI is very pro Democratic party and anti GOP. Nailing Trump would be a prize for the FBI as it would be for the MSM not so for nailing Hillary.

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