BOMBSHELL: Joe Met With Hunter Dozens of Times About Business Deals


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  1. That’s right you run for office you lose your right to a lot of privacy, you should have to wear a body cam etc. etc., enough of the goddamn corruption !!!!! They wanna listen in and spy on all of us I think it’s actually time that we start listening in and spying on all of them. Clank clank clank

  2. C'mon, man! If a fuckup like Hunter had any other last name he couldn't get hired to pick up dog shit, but we're supposed to believe all these foreign agents are paying him millions for his savvy business acumen.

  3. I'm wondering if the actions of dozens of government intelligence officials signing a letter saying that this was just a Russian disinformation plot and the news media publishing it before an election while people who reported the truth were banned from social media qualifies as an insurrection.

  4. You're very sloppy with your accusations. The evidence of Biden corruption is concrete, overwhelming, spans fifty years yet you say the same may go with the Trump family.
    Trump has been investigated inside and out by federal, state and private sources including a special investigator, Robert Mueller. The result was zero and I believe it because he wasn't concealed by the media and he was in office four years, not a lifetime.

  5. I mean, he was on the phone with someone on behalf of his son talking about a deal and costs. Then he did an interview bragging about withholding money from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor investigating his son.

    Then the DNC tried to impeach Trump when Trump called Ukraine and asked about it.

  6. How i know President Trump & his family aren't all degenerate criminals like Hunter is….Because the Democrats alomg with some of the worlds top investigators, have spent the last 7 years digging into everything Trump and have come up empty every time!!

  7. Special appreciation for Mitch McConnell for keeping Merrick Garland off SCOTUS.
    Garland is typical for a Democrat court appointee.

    I forgive all transgressions past, present and future by Mitch.

  8. Liberals are only triggered by, and jealous of, a Conservative that is wealthy. Because they are Hypocrites. They applaud Hunter POS Biden for selling out Americans and seizing wealth for him and The President of the United States. America yawns over 1/6 hearings when they see nothing ! Nothing ever happens to corrupt and violent Liberals.

  9. We deserve these people. As low as they are we deserve them. It's not them it's us. They are clown scum that will do what they do because what else are they going to do. Their nature is what it is. The failing is our society to allow such bottom feeders to rise to the top. I have meet a guy working at 7-11 that would be a better President. Kali Yuga in full effect.

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