BOMBSHELL: More Secrets Are Coming…

BOMBSHELL: More Secrets Are Coming…

This report breaks down the secret relationship between Bill Gates and something very dark and sinister.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. I had enough of these criminals… there are no more decent people in this world. If we, common people in the middle, can not unite now, this battle and this nation is gone.

  2. What we dont know keeps the contracts alive and movin' – They dont gotta burn the books, they just remove em' – The artists formerly known as Rage Against The Machine. No Rudkowski? We Pukowski!

  3. If she divorced bill because of epstine then why did she wait so long after Jeffrey was dead. Sounds like a power play to get his money. Remember Bill and malinda come from a prominent family's and had an arranged marriage. Bill knows who killed Jeff.

  4. Police are owned by the globalist. Someone is getting paid a lot of money to suppress all of this. It’s a fight for humanity is the way I see it. Keep being the elites DOGS officers. That’s how they see you is as their DOGS.

  5. yo we go to Algonquin Home Hardware and they have a distilled water system refill for our 5 gallon water bottles..soooo good..there must be some everywhere..drink it..cook with it… tap water except for shower and laundry..and the shower part is distrubing to me… till i figure out how to avoid that one

  6. I'm 67yrs old & on SSA & just got charged $442 from Direct Tv to watch football. Thought it came with the plan but I was wrong, what a bunch of sh1t. AT&T are thieves.