BOMBSHELL: NEW Hunter Biden Leaked Video The Media Refuses The Cover! This Is CRAZY.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. I wish this guy would get to the point already. Not every video needs an essay. I can never finish one of his videos. Usually in the first 3 minutes I'm out.

  2. Thousands and thousands of drug addicts are in prison, but Hunter gets a pass. The Biden family is all about equal rights and justice, I see.

  3. Did I just read that right., Did this fool just tell on himself? And is he also admitting to colluding what Russians? Wow talk about the media projecting. They already knew.

  4. If everyone ignores the left pulling greasy bullshit to win nonstop, eventually, the right WILL act like this.
    If that day comes it is all over for western civilization.

  5. And Hunter's role model is his father…… think about that. Think about what kind of person Hunter is and think about where Hunter gets that behavior from.

  6. Man, it does not matter what evidence they shove out. This is, the most normal behavior of politicians. Politicians are pedo , drug using puppets. So, why is this so shocking? Let me clue everyone in, all law enforcement agencies know what they are into, I mean, the secret service is providing security on the regular for them to do pedo stuff, so what does this shit matter? What actually can be accomplished by seeing or giving a shit about the video? It is business as usual, ain't one of us old enough to say they seen a POTUS that wasn't a puppet. This is a politicians son, it is not shocking at all.

  7. I am a man that provides for his family by working in construction by choice. These liberals use my efforts and taxes that i pay and squander it. Making me pay more for everything now. They need to go and pick a shovel after they get fired to understand and appreciate good hard work. This country is built on work, not words!!!!!

  8. And guess what? Nothing is going to change. The GOP don't give a shit. Democrats definitely don't give a shit. Unless the American people actually stand up and do something about it, NOTHING will change. It's up to you, the people to do something. And just talking about this won't change anything.