BOMBSHELL: New Secret Recording With Twitter Senior Engineer Proves THEY LIED!


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  1. Does Leon Musk know this? Do the majority of American people know this? This clip is the turning point. That is why the lefties went berserk And the dems came out with the disinformation board. This is pure evil.

  2. The communist U.S.A. Party joined the DNC on 1/29/2014, with the radical Muslim Brotherhood that Obama brought in and that with the Nazi Soros sponsoring their pocket books make them the most fascist group in our lands maybe the world~!
    This makes the US and it's admin the most dangerous country, just teetering on the brink of socialism and communism with Biden and the Dems ready to take everyone over to the Communist China, Russia side or the radical Muslim way~!
    They figure that if they get the US in their pockets and made it a dictatorship, with the strength of this nation and their own they could rule the world as a global order, but firsts they must bankrupt this nation and take what they can~!

    They are right about this being a continuation of the thief Obama's reign, for he might have stolen $9t in his 8 years of office, but Biden isn't wasting no time for he and the Dems have spent or stolen almost $19t in just about a year and a half~!
    We the people cannot afford this waste and certainly our children cannot afford to become slaves to repay it for us~!
    These asshats that have done this deserve to pay for what they have taken, Yes I say taken, for I vote all the time and I don't remember one of these questions being on any ballot ever saying that I wanted to sell my country and my soul~!

    Biden is just like Obama trying to make the government bigger, where Trump tried to make it smaller~!
    The one thing that I found very strange was that when Obama was making our government bigger, he was putting George Soros in many of them, so that he could draw taxpayers money our and put it on many things with fancy big politically correct names on them, but in actuality it ended up in one of his, Obama's, Hillary's or some other tax free foundations, which are pretty much just slush funds for the elite~!

    These people have enough of our money that I think it's about time that they stand up to the same kind of scrutiny that they put Trump through~!
    They have enough money to buy their own small countries and they stole it from us, so I think its about time to put them through the same kind of investigation that they put our president Trump~!
    He stood over 4 years of the worst kind of SS, gestapo, & KGB treatment that was never supposed to happen here in this country and especially not to an American president~!

    I think that any senator or rep with a portfolio over a million should have at least 2 year investigation by every organization that they used on Trump and a DEEP background check like they did on Kavanna, while keeping a civil and Democratic and lawful way~!
    The left might even wake up to much of what they have been wiping uws with on that pen and pencils and right after that take it all back and you'll be surprised how much our debt might shink~!

    These asses think that they have bought their country, what we have to do is show them it isn't this country that they own~!

  3. I too was forced to quit a job cause I said the government was using certain 3 letter groups as pawns….12 year job gone….and now his shop is closed now too. Should of stood behind your employees.

  4. 12:03 Haha…you're right – then next video ready to play in the top right of my screen is 'The polarization is driven by the media: Gutfeld' from the Fox News channel.

    There is also not a single one of your 'Liberal Hivemind' videos shown in the right hand column of my desktop screen (if I scroll down)…while I watch this video.

  5. "It would be my last day if that happens" in my opinion, Oh God welling. The platform needs to get rid of these far leftwing nuts, remove them from the platforms manage chairs. Moderate left and right cool, but these fare leftwing nuts who think they have got a monopoly here to say whatever the hell they like while censoring everyone else who don't agree with them, hell no, get your toltarian buts out of those decision making chairs, you don't belong there. We wouldn't tolerate far right-wing nuts controlling and censoring people that don't agree with them, we ain't going to except it from the far leftwing either. Elon Musk Please clean house.

  6. It will be funny when Biden’s thought police is run by a republican. I bet money the left freaks out about it and claims it was a creation of the right. That or they try to shut it down and ban it through executive order as they will most likely lose the house and senate.

  7. So minority's are being censored. How can you tell? Social media is a messaging platform not a video platform. So you can absolutely tell what race someone is by their words only. By their sentences. Now that is a racist mindset. I smell bullshit.

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