BOMBSHELL. NYT Reports Joe Biden Handed Over Intel To THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT Before Ukraine Invasion


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  1. Again it's setup purpose we and the world he stole the presidency if it if we ever change back we'll have to build a new prison the president and his administration have gone Rogue is there some type of protocol. As a dimmer woke which I can't believe how did David get in the military with their views and I'm just going to go become illegal alien in Mexico I mean I have the means to go kill any of these people so what do I do just get satisfaction out of murdering someone with a abidin sticker someone wearing a mask

  2. Biden diplomatic method is the equivalent of modern woke parenting techniques. Don't appear threatening, give time outs instead of smacking, give kids everything they want to comply, don't restrain them when they get rambunctious and destructive, etc.
    And look how his kid turned out to be. That says it all.

  3. He was saying if Trump had another year all those in Ukraine would be busted or at least stopped with the whole Our Democracy crap that only means the status quo selling out of USA for a One World Gov and destroy us

  4. OMG I literally just fell out of my chair laughing at that clip of Brandon saying he gave a list to Pootie-poots of what not to attack. Now if it's a list of things they want attacked to trace it, maybe I get it. But if it was, you wouldn't be bragadocious about it. Dude really thought he laid down the law lmao

  5. If there wasn’t double standards democrats wouldn’t have standards at all truly astonishing how Biden is buying billions of dollars worth of Covid test from China now he is even sharing intel with them and shutting down our pipeline while lifting sanctions on Russia and letting them fuel Europe instead of lowering gas prices by using American gas Biden would rather keep buying from Russia this man is the worst president in history and every democrat I’ve meet has not only lost their credibility but again ever since government took over education republicans share the country with moronic close minded communist who help our enemies and are so dumb want to become more like the countries we protect inflation, illegal migration, unemployment, world war 3 on the brink, Afghanistan becoming a terrorist hub, first amendment not being respected more than ever, China will surpass our economy soon something unimaginable under Trump, every American being poorer under a year of Biden than all of Trump even Obama the list it’s self of democrat failures is bigger than Facebook itself shame on you democrats I won’t go far enough to say blood is on all your hands but none of you should be allowed to vote WW3 has never been closer just because Trump was a cocky loud peacock we gave up the best economy and foreign policy in American history for the worst numbers in 40 years economically and Russia invading Ukraine like under Obama 🤦‍♂️France is in negotiations with Ukraine-Russia while Biden threatens sanctions and hides in his basement “Rules for thee but not for me” never been a country or army more dangerous to the land of the free than democrats trying to change everything that makes this 1 country protect the entirety of the west

  6. The Chinese probably have that information anyway. Thanks to the OPM hack, they have access to raw FBI files, containing information on those who were being investigated for a security clearance. They know who can be blackmailed.

  7. Does no one really think Russia is NOT talking about actual neo- ww2's???? Americans need to get up to speed. Old news about new ww2 types of people hanging out in Ukraine for 10 years plus??? So, I don't believe anything. any mass media has to say, certainly nothing about war.

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