BOMBSHELL Report: US Military COVERED-UP Syrian Airstrike That Killed 64, Including Women & Children

Murtaza Hussain, national security reporter at The Intercept, details the troubling reality behind U.S. overseas airstrikes and civilian deaths.

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  1. Osama bin Laden was a civilian. All of these terrorists are civilians. Enemy combatants don't get a pass if they hang out non combatants.

    You guys should spend some time with people who actually understand LoAC.

  2. Pretty common happenings. People just don't care, unless it's happening to them. Dude and his family just got bombed during the Iraq pullout. Military kills more farmers and kids than fighters.
    Change my mind.

  3. Look at the Assange film with a USA helicopter killing journalist and when a van stopped to help them they shot it up. There was a little kid in the van and you could hear one of the guys in the copter say, "They shouldn't bring a kid to a gunfight and kept shooting!

  4. Those intel people involved should be broken on the wheel, as well as any who Knew this would happen by their design. No longer a Military to be proud of as concerns their "leadership".

  5. So bring up this story but cover up the weekly incompetence by the current administration . Is it really a wonder why no one trusts the mainstream media .

    But sure go ahead and try to change the story 😉

  6. Since Hillary and Barack created isis to take out Assad,claiming to fight them was the excuse used to illegally occupy syria and openly steal their oil.All to be Israel's mindless grinning bulldog.The Pentagon is the enemy of the American people.

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