BOMBSHELL: They Tried to Take Her Out Already!!!

BOMBSHELL: They Tried to Take Her Out Already!!!

This video explains what we’re on the verge of seeing happen to this very influential woman.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. The big question I want to know is why does Ghislaien Maxwell have a black eye?!
    Has she already been marked as a walking dead person?
    It's quite obvious she is

  2. If Ms. Maxwell was smart she would make a public statement by her lawyer that if she dies in any manner that resembles suicide then a list of very powerful and sick people would be issued to all major news media. Im sure CNN and MSNBC would not air it but there would be someone to do it. I hope she never gets out of prison and even more hope those sick pedophiles in high places are brought out to the public but I sadly doubt it.

  3. Interesting how Ukrainians a fleeing Ukrainian bc of the "dangerous" war, yet celebrities and politicians are visiting almost daily to hang out and turn to puddy infront of Zelensky. 🤔🤯🤦‍♀️

  4. IMO, I think she should be protected, but, only on one condition. She must give names of every single person that she spoke with, done business with and who has been a main figure at that island that sold children to, that she arranged people for, and especially all US Politicians that she knows first hand and testifies against them. So "special treatment" should be thought of, security! But continue deep cavity searches! Without lube of course. She’s probably soaking wet anyway so go deep. I believe she knows a lot of info and needs to go ON Record stating everybody she’s aware of! Break her down and get public info. Her lawyer needs to go public with this info! This may save her life! She needs to speak against Bill Clinton, you know he’s been there, and I hate to think of the aftermath of these children after these sick politicians got done with them! I only can pray for these kids biting off the private parts of these sick politicians and Rich people! Sickening. I don’t even want to think of these poor children that were shot afterwards. I feel that happened. I can see them asking, what should we do with this child? And you know the answer, do what you want and make sure they don’t talk! Sickening politicians, leaders and the Rich!

  5. Does anyone else wonder where all the victims are? The dude had a pedo Island. There was never one child recovered. Did they snatch children up have their way with them and then send them back home?

  6. All those 'visitors' to that eye land, will have been covertly filmed doin' pervertly acts, so that it could be used as leverage against them in their individual positions of power.

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