BOMBSHELL: They’re Starting To Hunt You Down!

BOMBSHELL: They’re Starting To Hunt You Down!

This report explains the bombshell measure that the government of Austria is implementing and how they’re starting to hunt you down.

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Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. This is what I think they don’t understand!!! I have NEVER wanted to “beeee together” with THEM or any other group! I was the oddball. I think I got wired wrong. I always sat alone, on the outskirts of large group gatherings and I always waited until the food buffet was not chaotic and congested before I quietly and CALMLY went and got my own share (and there was always plenty of food left, after all the barn animals were all gone and done behaving like the filthy, mindless pigs that they are). I don’t mind those people but I never had one single desire to be together with them other than when I was forced to, for our large yearly work gatherings. I once left a negative comment on their stupid paper at the end. I said I didn’t appreciate the assigned numbered seating. I said it made me feel like a cattle being managed by a farmer. I doubt the superintendent appreciated that after all her hard work she boasted over, having worked all weekend, on. All so we could have that special event which I hated every second of😂

    I do not like restaurants and never have. I do not like sporting events and never have (except if it’s one of my kids). I have always HATED bars (they gross me out soooo much!). I don’t care about their shallow versions of entertainment. My preferred forms of entertainment include learning, exploring and constant self developing.

  2. The governments of the world are turning the general population of the world into junkies!! Look at the facts, people are getting substances they know nothing about injected IV style just for the perceived feeling of "Better" and just like a rookie Heroine user they're starting to do it more often because they're peers are encouraging the behavior. In the end,all those junkies will get locked up over something that has nothing to do with the act but is also directly related to it.

  3. As much as I like Luke, especially with the Tim Pool's team, Trump and Epstein are brought into the monologues way too much. We get Luke's point. It's okay not to do it in every single episode.

    In my personal opinion, with all his imperfections, and yes, flaws, Trump was the best choice in 2016, and in 2020.

  4. If the governments of the world cared about the people. Why isn't there a LOCK DOWN OF OUT-SOURCING JOBS TO COMMUNIST CHINA!!!

    If the governments of the world cared about the people. Why isn't there a LOCK DOWN OF OUT-SOURCING JOBS TO COMMUNIST CHINA!!!

    I have just recovered from 3wk COVID illness. And it was a horrible 3 wks.
    I am a cripple who never leaves the house. I was not vaccinated mostly due to too many health issues vs not trusting the vaccine.
    My son & daughter, who are adults and do not live with me, are both vaccinated.
    The ppl they work with are vaccinated.
    They also wear the (NYS) required masks wherever they go.
    My only grandchild is 8 and wears the mask all day long at school.
    I do watch my granddaughter several days per week and have not gotten sick from her throughout all this COVID business.
    For Thanksgiving I was picked up and taken to my daughter's house.
    My son was not there. It was only the three of us.
    Two days later I began to be sick with what I thought was a 48hr flu.
    My daughter got an at-home COVID test and had me take it which came out positive.
    Absolutely confused as to how I could have gotten COVID when I never leave the house to even be exposed and no one was sick at her house, so she took a test as well – which came out positive.
    My granddaughter did not test positive.
    Therefore, the only way I could have gotten exposed to it is by my daughter who IS VACCINATED yet still contracted COVID.
    Therefore, it is the vaccinated who do not realize they are sick who are continuing to spread COVID, not the unvaccinated.!!!!!!
    The vaccine lessens the effects of the COVID illness – which is good – but it does not stop the illness.
    The vaccines we got as children eradicated diseases such as polio, measles, mumps, rubella, TB, etc.
    This COVID vaccine should not even be allowed to be called a vaccine because it does NOT eradicate anything but severity of symptoms WHICH then the person continues to spread around rather than stay in bed and isolated because they don't even realize they are sick.!!!!!

  6. this country is a joke that no one should take serious anymore. they should ban coverage of press conferences and inly allow coverage of facts. if the media dosent have 3 sources it should be illegal to report. we should not have opinion shows. all that does is allow lies that can be asserted as opinion even though they are presented as fact and people believe them

  7. The metaverse is not evil. It is just a place. It's the internet with VR.
    We will partly live and work in this place, the progress if technology makes it unavoidable.

    If you fight the very existence of the metaverse instead of fighting for control over it it will be controlled by the usual suspects.

    We shouldn't fight the metaverse but make sure it will be controlled by the people and not a centralized entity.

  8. We're quickly approaching the time when people need to look deep into thier own souls to find the courage they lost 2 years ago. Mass noncompliance NOW is the one thing that can save us from the choice between civil war or enslavement – worldwide.

  9. I love J.P.! My mom does too. GOD bless you Luke. As a Slav myself, we have to be the common sense for the overly trusting west Europeans -sm from the Hrvatski Slavic tribe

  10. My work just instituted a double layer cloth mask that you can see light through over the disposable surgical masks that you cant see any light through. It's like saying the window screens that we were using are not good enough to keep mosquitoes out but we have to now use chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out. I dont understand

  11. Luke, we are at a point right now, where these snake oil salesmen at Pfizer are offering a SERUM, NOT a SOLUTION for Covid-19. You might as well use Oil-of-Olay to prevent contagion 😷 at this point. The talking heads have no idea how epidemiology works….

  12. If I was a betting man I would say that the home kits they are buying to give out to the public for free are going to have plenty of predetermined positives in their mix it's going to be kind of like a lottery for fear and Hysteria 🤓

  13. What I think is that I'd rather be treading water in a septic tank filled with shit than ever be an invited guest at Ana Navarro's house so you have no worries there Ana. Also I have been in the opposite camp since week number 4 began of this plandemic bollocks back in 2020.

    Greetings from Airstrip 1 Luke, [the entire UK] you won't remember me but on your video titled "Free Hugs" from Watford Bilderberg 2013 I asked you a question about how you managed to do what you did back in those days. [regarding how you knew where the "elite" were for you to ambush WRC style] 😎 Oh & has Bermas been yeeted from this platform because he hasn't uploaded anything in a couple of weeks.?

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