BOMBSHELL: This Is A Setup!

BOMBSHELL: This Is A Setup!

This video gives you a real look at the bombshell setup.

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  1. The Official US strategy is very very clear: Do not allow the war to stop. They shut down the negotiations, they keep just enough weapons coming in for the meat grinder to keep going; now they have taken out the pipeline to take away income that is helping fund the war — further pushing Putin into escalation; It's just like they did to Japan- drown them in sanctions and back them into a corner until they finally bombed Peral Harbor; They are using the exact same playbook here. They want a larger war, but they need a good reason to sell it to the American people- so they are pushing Putin as much as they can to try to make him use a nuke; Then they can announce all the red alert emergencies and do just about anything they want — and the people will literally beg them to do it. smh.. It's so obvious

  2. Our leaders know that their 20th century life is coming to an end. They have no idea what to do other than try to hang on to what they got. Trouble is they are not very bright today, most of the oldies don't get Internet and its tech and can't work out why the rest of the world is one step ahead of them, int the media wars. Humanity is at a crossroads, and it will either go the same old same old proxy wars, economic crash and now extra baggage with the vax, climate change and energy. Or humanity finally wakes up and realises how fecking embarrassing, the 21st century is becoming with idiots in charge.

  3. Western Globalist billionaires War on fossil fuels energy use will effectively kill off billions worldwide.

    Life giving gaseous plant fertilizer CO2 only makes the planet greener both manmade (4%) and natural (96%). Since the 1960’s the planet has seen a new billion worldwide inhabitants on average every 15 years, 1960’s 3 billion and today 2022 8 billion exist.

    Billions will cease to exist as the war on fossil fuels morphs from the Green Utopia into the Green Gulag.

    The Nord Stream pipeline terrorist act is a major win for the globalist wanting billions to suffer in unemployment and eventual early death. An AI Robotic workforce by 2050 will replace most humans workers. Driverless electric trucks will be more abundant than manned vehicles. Actually AI Electric Driverless vehicles will have their own dedicated lanes, like HOV Lanes. Billions will cease to exist due to AI Robots all controlled by and all to benefit the elitist billionaires and their minions of high tech workers.

    8 billion may be the top number of worldwide human population because the age of robot workers will soon replace the industrial fossil fuels age and its #1 goal, is to replace human workers with machines. We are living in the age controlled by the ‘woke supremacist‘ billionaire globalist.

  4. Luke, I know you are not stupid enough to think that the richest man in the world is going to save us from the other rich people in the world, so why are you even spreading CIA's Musk propaganda?

  5. I would, of course, like to provide some constructive criticism, which, of course, may help. You do a great job uncovering the underhanded corrupt globalist schemes, however, you lose creditability among normies due, of course, to your poor public speaking skills. Of course, those of us who love you like a brother, of course, will always follow you. It, of course, limits your audience by, of course, sounding unintelligent. Please take a course in public speaking or, of course, join Toastmasters , which of course, is a great tool.

  6. I wish I could meet that meme person (we’ll call it Pat) that is endlessly mocked. Love to see what Pat thinks about being the face of the idiotic left thinking the evil self serving democrats actually care about them.
    I certainly don’t think the RePubes are representing me. I want to make the entire government as powerless as they should be. Return all power to the states and let’s go our separate ways. Each state can maintain their own military or not. End all Federal subsidies to do no work and produce nothing. Be amazing chaos in cities until we put the slugs down to meet their master.

  7. So you don’t think that all of Elon Musk’s political decisions and things like that I’m gonna affect whether you think muscles gonna be 100% biased if you think that you are absolutely stupid

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