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  1. Get away from this "Oh, it's so important because it happened today, please buy my t-shirts and subscribe" stuff. Go to the red dot to the left there, watch a short video about eternal matters.

  2. All pre-planned 20 years in front by the Bilderberg meetings, got to get rid off the 99% n then they'll have what's said on the Georgia guide stones, there not bothered they have underground city's built just for them, n then the worlds ready for the 1%….YOU AWAKE YET?????? Keep up the great work Luke, love you brother.

  3. LOOK UP Canadian Girl in utube, SHE'S THERE, HAS PIC'S, VID'S, BACK THROUGH 2014, and Ukraine Gov't IS STILL SHELLING East Ukrainians !!! 🤨⚖️🦅🇺🇸😎😉, Mac'Chaughleh, WWG1WGA&QA's2, Ayuh

  4. Despite all the misinfo, not everything we see and hear is fake. I think the Russian military presence in Ukraine is real, and so is the refugee crisis it has caused. Another thing that no one seems to notice (not even in the alternative media) is that the victim number one in this conflict, numerically at least, are the boots-on-the-ground Russian soldiers. Just consider — conscription in Russia is compulsory. How many of the Russian soldiers volunteered to go to war? Once conscripted, you can’t disobey an order, and then you become a sitting duck for the roadside snipers, when you yourself are stuck in a slow-moving convoy, sitting in an open-top truck or personnel carrier. Nowhere to hide or escape!

    Think that Russian military casualties outnumber the Ukraininan (civilian and military combined) by possibly ten to one, or at least several to one. And — I don’t know if I am the only one who noticed this — I don’t see in any of the videos posted online the troops in Russian convoys returning fire when attacked. I wonder why. Can’t they see the attackers? Or maybe they have been ordered not to fire?? Or maybe they can’t bring themselves to fire at fellow Slavs, knowing pretty well that they are an invading force?

  5. Russia has been going out of its way to minimize collateral damage. I don't think they would simply reverse that policy to just hit a hospital for no reason. It was likely that there were provocateurs firing from the hospital, making it necessary for the Russians to hit it, like the nuclear power plant (started with a Z).

  6. Luke, you appear to be a Christian kind of guy.. The Bible says that many bad things will happen before the return of Christ. Worse than the world has ever seen! And that there will be NO 'World Peace' until Jesus returns to set up His thousand year glorious and peaceful reign on earth. (although, before that, the antichrist will pretend to bring a Utopian FAKE world peace that will deceive multitudes. Which won't be long now..)

  7. Good coverage except history matters

    No mention of the Ukraine slaughter of 15,000 Russians over the past 8 years funded by the corrupt Ukraine government against the breakaway regions that wanted to remain Russian

    This is what is driving Putin also and it needs to be spoken about but the US can't, because it was part of that shit happening

  8. Mainstream media, this administration, governments and the global elites are spinning lies. How can any sane person believe them? Especially after the false medical narratives that have come close to ruining so many economies. News about World E.F. disowning someone says it all. Wake up People. Do you really believe Putin would play well in the sandbox with these globalist in the first place?

  9. dam a genocide at a hospital full of helpless but wait where are all the bloodstains? babies out of incubators and gas weapons where oh where did the truth ever go? oh well Americans hate the truth!

  10. If the Polish send jets to the Ukraine, then the Polish people need to round up all their politicians and hand them over to Russia. This war needs to be de-escalated and not escalated.

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