BOMBSHELL: Trump WAS RIGHT. Document REVEALS Biden CANCELED Trump Evacuation Plan Before Afghan Exit


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  1. What I can't understand is that EVERYONE talks, and NO ONE DOES ANY ARRESTS… What the hell happened to America's balls? Have you all gone soft in the head, because you 'don't want to be perceived as heavy handed?' Don't you realise that your country is in a MORTAL CRISIS?! Is there no one in the USA who has the authority AND BALLS to start arresting your CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT? Political correctness is going to make your country disappear…and you are going to go down that black hole, patting yourself on the back saying…'well at least we will be remembered as being tolerant'….NO…you will be remembered as being idiotic ego maniacs…the whole bloody lot of you, because your 'appearances' are more important to you than your SUBSTANCE!

  2. Maybe the military intelligence would have done a better job if they were focused on the task at hand instead of pronouns, race, transgenders, and systemic systems of institutional blah…blah…blah…

  3. Weird how everything Biden is doing benefits China in one way or another. Canceling the keystone pipeline, making us not energy independent. Letting China buy land in America. Etc

  4. How in the hell did Milley get to his present bar status and who or what did he to do to get his present position? He is WEAK and has no presence, I have NEVER see such weak, underwhelming people in an administration!

  5. It almost feels like this, and what's happening here, and what's going on with China, is all one large setup to
    Enact a one world government. The coof as a way to eliminate civil liberties and severely restrict religion. The stuff in the middle east to eliminate some of the healthiest families in the world, and reinforce the religion restrictions. And China I could see going one of two ways. Either as a centerpiece for the new world order, or maybe the big bady that stands in the way of "unity".

  6. Since imbecil biden and his WOKE Administration not only cancelled President Trump's Evacuation Plan in Afghanistan, but left billions of high tech, state of the art military equipment including, but not limited to Black Hawk Helicopters, Humvees, Drones, weapon, ammunition and the Secretary of State said the "Taliban are in control of Kabul". The Taliban are responsible for 9/11 and this Administration bowed to this terrorist organization and the American people have been deceived and it is telling the world that American Power is "bankrupted" and "powerless" . And getting out the Americans should not be our mission. We should bomb the Taliban back to the stone age. And note, the Taliban is a proxy army of Pakistan. We should take back Afghanistan and then Kick the hell out of Pakistan. The Department of Defense of the United States is threatening American Personnel who are on their own initiative of saving people because this DOD installed Alcaida and the Taliban in Afganistan! This administration is the most Evil , Corrupt, and destructive administration this country has ever had next to obama's.

  7. That Mark Milley needs to be stripped of all those badges, medals, commemorations and all those patches. He is a disgrace for all the men and women who serve dutifully and diligently this country. And that's been generous. As for those responsible for dismantling the CCR should be trail for treason.

  8. Trump's Campaign message still holds
    Biden Admin = Policies based on disconnected thinking
    Trump Admin = Real world normal people thinking like executives i.e. real executive branch

  9. Be careful not to fall for the trap…. it is the Democratic party's decisions… not Biden’s… they will eventually blame him… and claim they could do better when the blame is 100% theirs as he is too incompetent to make his own decisions.

  10. The current administration dared to play chicken with all those lives in danger in Afghanistan.

    Their mania for over turning every advantage Trump forged for Americans is deranged with no obvious care for the consequences.

    The bear the direct responsibility for the suffering of those who've been trapped in Afghanistan and every harm that happens as a result, all because their hate for Trump and his policies is more important to them than American's lives.
    Shameful obstructionists.

  11. You need to note.Biden will throw in jail any group helping Americans will be put in jail.they want the Americans to stay there because if they make it out.they would all before media.problems for them.check it out.".

  12. Democrats
    "Let's put infected people into elderly homes and blame Trump for death numbers!"
    Also Democrats
    "Let's ignore a plan that evacuates personal safely from Afghanistan and blame Trump for it!"

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