Bombshell video reveals ‘seats for sale’ scandal

Yikes it’s all on the table now!
Vote wisely, my friends.

I support Freedom Party, One Nation, and Family First (closely followed by United Australia Party)


Because they didn’t do deals with this thug Glen

Credit must also go to the Angry Victorians Party for leaking this video! However their preference flows have been negotiated by Glen. They’ve made a bold statement by outing him though!


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  1. This is much deeper than it looks. The main thing the elite want to achieve is getting rid of GVT's (Group Voting Tickets). Once the GVT's are gone the major parties will be back in total control.

    People in the Freedom Movement have no idea about how the system works and as a result, the leaders of the Freedom Movement give out pathetic advise on how to vote and make the problem much worse. If anyone votes Below the Line, your vote will almost certainly get thrown out either because it is informal … or gets exhausted.

  2. These are the rules created by the big end of town so obviously they know exactly how the game is played. The same can be said for all of them: The libs, the Greens, Labor and now Teal politicians while big corporation execs and MSM play their part as well.
    They have always known, it is only news to us little guys n' gals.

  3. can someone edit glen druerys wikipedia page and include the link to this video – id do but my ip is blocked. This is truly sickening. so much shit and disgusting self serving people in politics.

  4. Just who the F*@#K does this arrogant A-hole think he is? People who have the money and power to play corrupt games like this are no better than the corrupt Clown who’s running the State at the moment. ALL people like thbis should be behind bars for corruption. 
    At least behind bars. 
    There are better outcomes that I can think of.

  5. This needs to be sent to ALL fake news corps, then see how corrupt the whole system is… I’m 300% sure it won’t be shown on any MSM, maybe sky might but majority of gullible idiots won’t see it… nice catch Monica 👌💪

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