BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Claims To Have 80,000 PHOTOS & VIDEOS That Were Deleted On Hunter”s Laptop


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  1. This may be a scam, the owner of the store where this laptop came from says that it’s impossible that this guy has been able to recover this extra data. It may be to muddy the waters

  2. We all know aint shit gonna happen to the bidens or any other corrupt politicians.we have tons of evidence that would put any normal person behind bars for 5 life times.

  3. The guy who fixed and downloaded the computer . Said there is no way this much data came from the laptop. I think this will just be a bait and switch. Trying to make it seem like a conspiracy theory.

  4. Remember Clinton sold off a chunk of the USA’s uranium reserves to a Russian company, then board members of said company made multiple million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation???? Pepperidge Farm ‘members.

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