BOOM! Amber Heard lawyers QUIT! They KNOW she’s a FRAUD!


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  1. 8:32 – I wouldn't say you should cancel her, but she should definitely serve some jail time for what she did to Depp's finger. Kinda hard to act out roles when you're in prison.

  2. The lawyers gives up because "Time's Up" fights everything A.H. is, and now they've seen the truth, and are disgusted by her.
    The "Time's Up" lawyers should go and stand by, and represent, Johnny Depp.

  3. Oky way far from the subject … English is not my first language I only have one damn question…. is it “inersting” or “interesting” do you Pronounce the “T” or not ????

  4. I think some of these lawyers genuinely want to help women who have been abused, but have simply been misguided. However, since she is clearly the abuser in this case, they've withdrawn from it. It's rare for lawyers to drop a client like this. I'm glad they've done it. Their defence of her would help denigrate the entire MeToo Movement (as Heard's support of it has already started to do) and all the people who are actually telling the truth as part of that movement.

    The funny thing is, I've debated people who've defended Heard, and all of them ignored all the evidence I presented to them, in favour of logical fallacies and emotional arguments. One argument they all made is that Amber Heard's lawyers were part of the MeToo Movement, so she must be a victim. I always argued that this was an irrational and irrelevant argument – the evidence in the case is what matters, not who her lawyers have previously defended or prosecuted. However, now even this flimsy piece of "evidence" that Heard's supporters have been clinging onto has been taken away from them.

    Honestly, we need to start teaching Logic in schools. It's as important as Math or English, especially these days.

  5. You nailed it again. Her die hard lawyers for a cause, finally dropped. Do they approve of abuse now? I Thought nothing could silence them? Frankly I thought they would have hopped off of this train wreck while ago. They must really be pretty gung ho to have held on this long. Question. Does anybody other than Amber heard believe Amber Heard now? Mr Depp, collect your $5mil. God knows you earned it

  6. Sounds like the lawyers are wanting to make a lot of money. Amber should be ashamed of pooping in the bed! Not only is it dangerous with all the bacteria etc., It is just plain out sickening! Amber should have to pay Johnny money for his finger, all the abuse, lying on him, and for pooping in their bed on purpose.

  7. How did Johnny get fooled by this brainless narccistic sociopathic woman!? She was probably over indulged as a child and believe she is above everyone, she was calling JD a fat old man! What’s all that about!? She’s nothing! Rotten on the outside and rotten on the inside, like a bad apple! Go JD we support you! We know she’s a liar! WB should reinstate you as you are the main star in those films! WD will lose millions otherwise! Why does AH think she’s got any chance of winning!! ???

  8. You can actually see the bruise on Johnny's face (not my uncle Johnny as he is neither famous nor an actor, but an IT employee at a Honda manufacturing plant)!

  9. Of course they're not going to burn with her. An trying to bow out knowing your client's a liar doesn't make you a good person, it just means you're looking out for yourself! Gross Injustice and should be charged in helping her!

  10. So Amber Turd is full of shit. What a suprise. Given the cringeworthy depositon that she mistook for an audition and failed regardless. Given the Audiofiles. Given all the witnesses. That is borderline ridiculous that she is still entertained and given any time or space on any screen whatsoever. Impressive how she cannot contain her smile when confronted with the instances she hit Depp … so telling! Jesus.

  11. Women or well….anyone can only hope to marry someone with their own ISLAND! especially during these times and the covid 19 going around ,I just cant understand throwing your marriage and career away

  12. Any lawyer who values their career should drop her case. She is a liability to any lawyer. Imagine being tied to a case which they know is riddled with lies. And you need to defend a liar knowing they are lying. The lawyer would ruin their career. Integrity is more than any money they could earn on this case. I hope Elaine Bredehoft can live with her conscience. Who is this Elaine Bredehoft? She is probably going into retirement mode after this since she has killed her career already. I hope she doesn’t have kids. How can she face her family knowing she is lying to try to hurt others.

  13. She Sucked Rocks in Aqua man… & It was Offensive to the 1% of all humanity
    For her to hijack our Mutation and FAIl so miserably… I'm speaking of Redheads
    We are NOT abusive and do not need her to pirate our Color.. that was
    Cultural appropriation, at times also phrased cultural misappropriation, is the adoption of an element or elements of one culture by members of another culture. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures.

  14. When I first heard about them breaking up. I didn't think to much about it. Very few Marriages in Hollywood make it. Then I started hearing did you hear this, did you hear that. So I started watching the videos where they had actual Court Documents. I came across where there were 4 tapes from 4 different arguments. The things a.h. said blew my mind. It was when she admitted she hit him with pots and pans. Big deal, grow up Johnny. I thought they have to be practicing a part. Then I heard another tape, where She was actually reprimanding Johnny in my opinion. Because rather then Johnny staying around and keep fighting. He took a time out. So both parties could calm down. She refused to see it that way. Then brings up their Wedding Vows. For good and for bad. And Johnny must stay around for both. He can't just have all good. When Johnny tried to explain he was not going to stay around and wait for the abuse to start. Again She went into calling him names. She admitted she was the one who always went chasing after Johnny. Johnny never went chasing after her. I said that doesn't sound right it's a fact the abuser always chases their prey. They can't take that one chance Someone may get them to see they are the one being abused. Then there's the tape where Johnny calmly says there is no room for abuse in this relationship / marriage. a.h. agrees. So Johnny continues to calmly talk to her. He goes on to say, if I can tell a fight is going to break out. Then We will take a time out. And I promise I will come to your door and check up on you in an hr. a.h. in my opinion acts like a child. That's just what she needs. That will help so much. Then Johnny says but if you need more time, than I'm going to give you more time. Well she can't promise she will never get that mad. Because once she reaches a certain point, she can't stop. HELLO, RED FLAG. Plus I noticed Johnny was always saying he loved her. He was always calling her Baby. The only time I can recall hearing her say I love you. Was when Johnny's top part of his finger was cut off. And Johnny's Dr. was trying to find the tip and do everything medically possible to save it. And you could hear her screaming she wanted to be with Johnny. because according to her Johnny needed her. And She loved him. Which in my opinion. she had to get next to Johnny because She was afraid Johnny might tell them the truth. She claimed Johnny had a severe alcohol problem. Yet in a.h. ex assistant, She stated that a.h. would have her go to the liquor store get a.h. two bottles of red wine and pick up non alcohol beer. Therefore Johnny wasn't drinking as much as she lead him to believe. What exactly did She mean when she was talking at Johnny. Claiming she went through a lot to have the wedding on the beach. Since it was on Johnny's Private Island. Why do I have a bad feeling, it was one of those weddings where the abused payed for everything. Especially since he was the one with the money? Did Johnny hear the part of a.h. ex assistant where She stated a.h. would have her call top designers, telling them She was calling on behalf of Johnny Depp and his Fiancee. And Johnny wanted to know if they could donate some clothes to his Fiancee. And that was how She was able to get a lot of her top designer clothes including shoes, purses, dresses, everything to look like a high paid wannabe. At the expense of Johnny's name. I wonder if Johnny realizes what she did. Used his name and clout to get high profile designer name clothes by having her assistant call the top Designers. And then a.h. didn't even have the respect to send thank you notes to the Designers, for giving her their top Designer clothes. Hopefully whatever Person who ends up with her, they might want to higher a body guard. Unless the court orders her to get therapy. What type of Person goes out and spends so much money on picture frames and puts their Own picture in it and give them away as Christmas Presents. As if that wasn't bad enough a.h. waited until the late hrs of Christmas Eve and makes her assistant wrap it all up so a.h. can hand them out the next day. a.h. had her assistant doing so much on Christmas Eve, her assistant had her 4 yr old Son with her until late in the hours. a.h. needs to know she is not above the law. Hopefully People will boycott items a.h. promotes or sells or is involved in any company in any way.

  15. Amber should be locked up with the Criminally Insane… Throwing objects at people like glass bottles is infantile as well as dangerous… Had she grabbed a knife in her demonic rants, she could’ve badly wounded him or even killed him… God protected him because all she managed to damage is his finger… When someone throws an object at you…the intent is to hurt you! There is no forgiving that action…

  16. Faking being at a BLM protest and getting a friend to dress up as a cop. She's having a laugh. Certainly not learnt any lessons from her life. Is this for real, it seems too much.

  17. I watched Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, What's eating Gilbert Grape. I've seen this man's soul, and I never once believed a word that AH said. Not once! Hope he gets the Justice he deserves. Will never watch another POTC without Johnny as Captain Sparrow.

  18. Wow, those Lawyers are amazing and exceptional, they are ethical; Under the code of Ethics for lawyers,they may withdraw as counsel when they discover that their client is engaging in a fraudulent act like manipulating and fabricating evidence, they are fighting for truth and the rights of the abused and oppressed. AH should have known that many good lawyers are still up there that even millions are garbage to them. Johnny Depp may you finally achieve the justice you that you deserve.

  19. I didn't know who A.H. was ever. I didnt know she was an actress nor married to Johnny. I didn't know she played in Aquaman or other movies. I didn't know who she was until all this legal stuff.

  20. Thanks to the sun for ensuring the entire world knows the truth and integrity of Johnny Depp and ensuring that her future case is now doomed along with her reputation and entire career oh and her future stay in prison for perjury, extortion, blackmail, domestic violence, plotting and conspiring with friends to stab/kill him, fabrication of evidence, falsifying documents to US homeland security, US immigration, and Australian government. Ps please go to change. Org to sign and share petition against AH being in aquaman 2 – it’s the least we can do.

  21. Attorneys can’t just resign once an action has been entered. They are ethically obligated to see a case through, with limited exceptions—logistics and cost among them—and their resignation MUST be approved by the client and the presiding judge. This isn’t to say that “travel logistics” can’t be a euphemism for “impossible client.” But attorneys are specifically enjoined from firing “difficult” clients because they’re expected to have done their professional diligence—which includes vetting the client—prior to accepting the case.

  22. Johnny should offer to pay her lawyers travel fees so they don't have to go through all the fuss of new counsel! Then we would get to the truth of them jumping out!