BOOM! Jen Psaki CONFRONTED with the Question of the CENTURY

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Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on Tuesday grilled Press Secretary Jen Psaki over the new mask regulations for vaccinated people. Officials told Reuters the CDC will recommend fully vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors.

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  1. If you had any doubts that they have sinister designs with great harm, this should at a minimum make you start to question their true motives and intent!

  2. We have to follow "the science" they paid for that allows them to invoke tyrannical power over the people. It is the only way for them to usher in Communism.

  3. is Joe Biden in control? Evolving virus? It was engineered – how do engineered virvuses evolve Jennifer? There's a dozy of question you can't answer?

  4. I will never put a mask back on because I live in America. Where I'm a legal citizen with American Constitutional rights and the Biden Dictatorship wants legal American citizens to put masks back on for one reason. Oh and the reason is total and UTTER control and power over US. Furthermore if the Biden Dictatorship actually cared about us getting COVID-19 or a mutated version of it . They'd FINISH the Southern Border wall and stop busing unvaccinated and untested illegal criminals from other countries for the COVID-19 virus throughout America.

  5. 1) 90% of all people vaccinated are safe. 2) With the 10%: ONLY1-2% will have any sign of having it and it will be a very MILD COLD, all the rest will not even know because the vaccine made their bodies strong. 3) NONE of them will have to go to Hospital. 4) ONLY people who dont have the shot will end up in Hospital IF they are among the high risk. When you Damn Democrats cant even handle a simple MILD COLD without pushing your hate and death and prison threats on people YOU NEED SOME DAMN COUNSILING. STFU!

  6. How could she possibly know what Biden thoughts are on all these questions? Would love to see Biden answer these questions in his own words. You knew Kaylee was in on alot of Trump's meetings and these things were discussed in front of her.

  7. Rumors have it, that this Administration is Fraudulent and they are Broadcasting from a Set in Virginia made by Perry, a Producer from Hollywood. What a Joke, and they Actually think we Believe Them. mandate again without any EVIDENCE. what a JOKE.

  8. The PCR test cannot tell if you have Covid 19. The flu has made its rounds, regardless of useless masks, distancing, or the lines and arrows on the ground/floor. We are all immune, is my conclusion. Any variant is not so different that our immune system can't recognize it and respond. Get Antigens tested at your doctor's or on line. Be sure to carry proof. I heard Broadway acts are demanding proof of vaccination or ANTIGEN TEST to get in. So their narrative is blown if we are all immune.