BOOM Scientists Now Say Coronavirus Probably Man Made From Chinese Lab, Its Gunna Get BAD

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  1. in a level 4 lab, you are not allowed to handle pathogen, or subjects of pathogens (lab animals), directly you have to suit up and decontamination shower be for you even get in the front door. you have a bio contamination suit respirator and multiple levels of sterility. even fully suited you must use a isolation chamber, with hand ports to examine subjects and pathogens. there is no chance this was a bat bite or a flea. it was a deliberate act. china owes us (the world) an apology and restitution. they wont losing face. they will lie to the end. like a toddler.

  2. C'mon… this shit doesn't happen randomly in nature. Engineered 'super-virus' DOES make sense.
    Perfect example is Lyme's Disease made in a laboratory. In point, in fact. Don't believe me, look it up.

  3. I’ve been watching several virologist say they’ve been studying the virus in the labs , and they can show where the virus was spliced .

    It could have just been a test bed to experiment with different virus medications….
    Or it could have been in its early stages of development as a weapon .

    It doesn’t really kill quickly enough to be a bio weapon .
    The incubation time is too long , and the kill ratio is pretty low .
    It’s not Captain Trips .
    They could have spliced in some really terrible characteristics if they had wanted to .

    But it could be that it got loose early , before they had a really good immunization or treatment for it .

    It’s why most people stay away from biological weapons , and stick to chemical , conventional or even nuclear weapons systems … they are safer .

  4. I remember when they were trying to create a vaccine for the original SARS virus and they found that on every immunization being infected a second time was almost always fatal, same happened when they were studying the immune response when reinfected. The studies pointed towards the immune system being the cause of death in those who had strong immune systems and were healthy… ohh I think I know why governments across the globe are freaking out and not mentioning anything regarding reinfection like they briefly mentioned was happening in China months ago… hmm wasn’t that what happened in 1918 with the whole lost generation? Aren’t all the worlds military’s specifically the young and healthy? Maybe I’m wrong, after all it’s not like the United States military in charge of domestic national security completely secluded itself into a bunker… ohh they are moving into the Cheyenne mountain bunker and sealing the doors shut for the indefinite future? Probably just a coincidence…

  5. The flu kills because of old people etc,can you show me a 30 year old thats died of flu without being compromised,false equivalents are dodgy,
    Wuhan flu is way more dangerous,

  6. Damn, I've considered this the most likely possibility from the start, but I never said anything about it because it sounded paranoid. Can't say I told you so now D:

  7. My opinion of this
    Wrong………….on thousands of levels
    This is worse than flat earthers, because no one believes flat earthers but people believe Tim

  8. But seriously, why tf would China create a deadly virus in the lab and give it to the Chinese citizens? They don't "kill" people outside China by killing themselves first. Plus, China isn't that developed yet to make a virus that could infect that much people. Even America can't.

  9. Coronavirus is definately man made, the deaths are vastly exaggerated, bill gates his very much behind this, not only did he fund the research lab in wuhan, also owns the vaccine manufacturers and regulators, and funds all the coronavirus vaccines all round the world. The world economic forum ran a simulation with microsoft on a pandemic explaining lockdowns and what is deemed an essential business ect… Too many links to just be just another accident