John Kennedy discusses the budget and debt and has a hilarious take on where the money comes from


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  1. You are an infinite source of universal energy. There is nothing that can deplete you. There is nothing that can take you down. There is nothing that can suck the life out of you as some would have you believe, nothing. You are a universal source of energy and, as you learn about the Akene and its connection to the Akenet, you will discover that this source of abundance will continue to grow from within.

  2. How much is it worth to NOT be dependent upon Asia for our chips and lithium refining ? Come war, we are not going to fair well if China effectively cuts off shipping in the South China Sea.

  3. They printed 50% of ALL THE MONEY EVER PRINTED in the last 3 years. That means it was printed while both Biden AND Trump were in office and they all whacked a lot of it up among themselves. Politics is the WWE IRL.

  4. wasting billions should be treason – criminal. like for real i could steal $1000 and be locked up for a very long time. but billions of our tax dollars wasted…. and its barley talked about let alone anything being done about it

  5. You gotta love Sen Kennedy! He tells the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth! Good man! We need about 400 or 500 more like him with a great sense of humor like his.

    We The People should not be funding any corporations/businesses. If they can't make it under our system of capitalism LET THEM DIE. They can't possibly be running the business effectively or efficiently, kinda like our government!

  6. They’ll have us on government ran crypto way before then
    All you serfs out there that think you’re free are going to love it !!
    They’ll tell you what you can buy
    When you can drive
    What food you can have along with how much water your allotted
    Good luck with all your talk
    At least other countries are putting up a actual fight against these globalist mobs
    America, we will just hand you the keys to the treasure chest 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Goodbye middle class and goodbye America. If we don't do something soon we will be communists under a new flag with no freedom and totally dependent and controlled by the government. I spent 26 years defending the freedoms of this nation and in less than 2 years 81 million voters (yeah right) elected a puppet to destroy the American way of life so the wealthy and power hungry politicians could gain total control. Time to stand up America!!!!

  8. Won't happen government at this point will either be
    B…took down
    No self righteous Pstriot will allow this to happen mind they need to put their skates on before it's too late

  9. Government is way over bloated, this is no secret. The irs needs to be eradicated, and in the meantime, paying income tax needs to be eliminated. eliminated

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