Boosters Could DAMAGE Your Immune System – Say NY Times & Scientists

Israel is considering approving a fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose for vulnerable people in an effort to contain the fast-spreading Omicron variant. However, some scientists are urging caution, citing a lack of evidence either for or against this latest booster.

Jimmy discusses the problems with endless boosters.

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  1. As the darkness descends and we plung into the medical tyranny planned for decades, I say thank God there are still some un-bought people out there not afraid to go with their gut, their conscience, and basic decency–people who love truth more than the approbation of oligarchic slime.

  2. I have three. I will consider a booster only if covid becomes actually dangerous, but my bet is that the next one will be even milder. If I had known what I know now I would have skipped this one as well but being a fatty I took it when given the chance.

  3. I thought Israel was looking at mass infection like Sweden did now that omicron is so weak as far as symptoms go. I was reading some articles on that yesterday from Israel.

  4. i got covid recently, and it didn't feel like a cold or any case of the flu I had. My only symptoms were a dry cough and fatigue that would stop me from doing anything strenuous like weight training. It lasted about 10 days before fully clearing. I'm unvaccinated, but now have natural immunity…I did take a bunch of early treatments which may have helped keep it mild.

  5. Jimmy Don’t stop sir I don’t agree with with you on must if any subject’s except that is on your phenomenal reporting on this subject sir. We no the world need more men an women who are not afraid to report the truth Thank you don’t go changing Jimmy

  6. Last week, I tested positive for co-vid. Called my boss at work and let him know. He said he did not want me to come to work since I tested positive. He told me I am out for at least 10 days. So, right now I'm on co-vid sick leave. What I have is clearly the omnicron variant. I have had very mild symptoms that are equivalent to the regular common cold. I definitely felt well enough to work but, since omnicron is highly contagious and far more easily transmitted, I've had to follow protocol by quarantining this past week and don't fo back to work until next week. Fortunately, I am eligible and will get 2 weeks of co-vid sick pay leave. That's what so many of us are going through when we test positive. We are required to miss work even when its a mild case.

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