Boosters for all adults, conflicting advice

WHO advice on boosters, Link to free download my 2 textbooks

No country can simply vaccinate its way out of the pandemic

Its not vaccine ‘or’

Its vaccines ‘and’

It makes no sense to give boosters to healthy adults

(when high risk around the world are still wating for their first dose)

Every day there are 6 times more booster doses administered than primary doses in poorer countries

This is a scandal that must stop now

Food and Drug Administration

Amended the emergency use authorizations (EUA) for Moderna and Pfizer

Moderna (half of the primary dose)

A single booster dose for all 18 and older

Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock

helps to provide continued protection against COVID-19,

including the serious consequences that can occur,

such as hospitalization and death

At least six months after primary vaccination series

At least two months after Janssen

Data Supporting Effectiveness

Moderna, FDA analysis

Study group
N= 149 from the original clinical studies who received a booster

Controls group
N = 1,055 two-dose series

The antibody response against the SARS-CoV-2 virus 29 days after a booster dose of the vaccine demonstrated a booster response.


Study group
N= 200 who received a booster

Controls group
Same people, one month after the two-dose primary series

The antibody response demonstrated a booster response.

FDA Evaluation of Benefits and Risks

Additional real-world data,

on the recently increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.

and on the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis following vaccination

The FDA has determined that the benefits of a single booster dose of either the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines

outweigh the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis

in individuals age 18 years of age and older

Both Pfizer and Moderna are conducting post-authorization/post-marketing studies

to assess known serious risks of myocarditis and pericarditis.

FDA and the CDC have several systems in place to continually monitor COVID-19 vaccine safety

Most commonly reported side effects after a booster

Pain, redness and swelling at the injection site

Fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain and chills

Swollen lymph nodes in the underarm, more frequently following the booster


First European country to go back into full lockdown

Whole country, hard lockdown, 10 – 20 days, from Monday

Restaurants, pubs, all non-essential shops closed

People told to remain at home

Classroom teaching suspended

First European country to make Covid vaccination compulsory

From Feb. 1

Heavy fines

Large anti-vaxxer movement

65% fully vaccinated

Zoe update

Study incidence, 65,059 new daily symptomatic cases

Based on PCR and LFT test data from UK,
n = 40,442

Infections down 10% on the week

The UK R, around 0.9 and regional

Scotland, R is 1

Prevalence UK

On average 1 in 67 people in the UK currently have symptomatic COVID

Professor Tim Spector

In terms of what it means for Christmas, I’m cautiously optimistic for the remainder of the year.

It’s becoming clear that children and the school holidays play a key role in the waves of infection.

I think it’s safe to say that we can expect to see another rise in the new year after the holidays.

I think we’ll be dealing with COVID for the next five years

However, the most important thing we can all do is to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

we need to redefine fully vaccinated as three doses to protect us all from Delta and the inevitable new variants of COVID yet to come


National Institute for Health (RIVM)

Infections up 44% on the week

Strongest rise, 4-12

Immunologist Ger Rijkers

Keeping primary schools closed for longer is an effective way to keep the virus under control

Children are virus factories and infect adults as well as each other

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Haha love how your slowly becoming an "antivaxxer". I remember watching your videos when all this started. You couldnt tick enough nonsense fast enough. At least your walking back to the right side of history.

  2. My wife and I will receive our third booster dose on December 14th. I am approaching my 61st birthday. I have not received any invitation for this. I booked it myself on the website. There is supposed to be a 6 month gap between doses.

  3. I agree that the FDA conclusion at about 6:40 is completely meaningless and based on (lack of) evidence completely unjustifiable. Numbers have to be shown to expect people to agree with conclusions. Shocking unprofessionalism.


  5. Watching this guy is like watching a deer slowly realise those headlights on the horizon aren't friendly. It's the slowest awakening I've ever seen, and yet he still resists stepping off the road. "Not criticising the program'. So smart and yet so stupid.

  6. Multi trillion dollar pharmaceutical companies never seem to have a problem getting pretty much anything approved by the FDA and should they encounter any resistance- a phone call followed by a large untraceable(of course)deposit into a Swiss bank account and hey presto!!!One approval coming right up-the only question being would you like fries with that.So our governments are so concerned about our health-fine then shut down all the fast food restaurants,ban smoking and outlaw meat and dairy consumption-but you wont 'will you?

  7. Its funny how Dr Johns attitude has changed over the past few months. He's starting to realise the more sinister sides of the agenda. Mandates, Pharma Marking own homework, Avoidable deaths, State overreach.

  8. You are an monster dr. What kind of dr. You are ? You are passing globalists Davos propaganda to have shock therapy. Young people do not pass Sars Virus and they do not get sick

  9. You mean can anybody trust anybody well I trust no one not even My own doctor or The Government or it nutty professors nor the vaccines

  10. Vitamin D and Immunity, Lots of Evidence ——— as a way to combat coronavirus !

    Vitamin D and Immunity, Lots of Evidence ——— as a way to combat coronavirus !

    Vitamin D and Immunity, Lots of Evidence ——— as a way to combat coronavirus !

    Vitamin D and Immunity, Lots of Evidence ——— as a way to combat coronavirus !

  11. Why do the governments default to such extreme measures (compulsory vaccination and total lockdowns) without promoting all avenues of management – Vitamin D, Zinc, hydration … It makes their claims of "for health and safety" suspect 😞
    Thank you Dr J for your efforts, it is heartening to know that there is at least one medical professional in the world we can trust.

  12. Today is 11/30/21. I got my Moderna booster today around 9:30 am. Had a little bit of a metallic taste in my mouth shortly after the shot. Around 5:30 pm I had pain at the injection site; no big deal. But now at 10:30 pm I was going to bed and realized all of a sudden that I am actually sore all over. Slight headache, painful skin and muscles. General pain all over. Tolerable, but unexpected. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. This note is not to scare anyone. I knew upfront I might experience some side effects. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a little better. Hope springs eternal………
    No pain, no gain

  13. Hi Doctor John Campbell I have been taking zinc, vitamin D, and K2, I did not have the ordinary flue jab, after researching I decided to stop taking the flue jab it was making me sicker three times a year after the flue jab.

    I have felt really well and never had flue side effects, since taking vitamin D zinc and vitamin K 2 you are right when you say, about the vitamin D zinc and vitamin K2.

    Thank you for your videos to reassure I am doing the right thing, really enjoyed your videos blessings gratitude health joy laughter music and unconditional love Glynis Alexandra xxxxxxxxx

  14. Personally I'm one of the only ones still social distancing and making my kids mask (optional in schools) and I am wearing my mask even when not required. I am agreeing with your bit at the end – my goal has always been to let more people get it since they think its no big deal, and keep my kids well, and hope that herd immunity can protect us! My kids are teens and a booster is not available for them, and I'm still contemplating if I want mine. But I think that if the people who are worried (in the USA) can hang tight a bit longer, herd immunity from the rest of them out licking the counters at Walmart should help get this under control.

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