Borat Actor SHOCKED That Facebook Censored Him After He DEMANDED Censorship, Actor ROASTED Over Lies

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  1. Small hat, not a US citizen, demands censorship and influencing our elections. It's time for people like Sasha to get on the next thing smoking and never come back.

  2. Seal team 6 didnt have to show us evidence. They dumped it in the ocean in a Muslim burial….cuz you know how muslims love sea burials. It was the first iv heard of it but who am I to say Obama lied?

  3. The Bin Laden story is sketchy none the less. When they got Sadam Hussein, he was shown publicly and a DNA test was even conducted to make sure it was him.. Throwing Bin Laden in the middle of the ocean or scattering him in pieces over the mountains ( depending on the version ) seems like they were REALLY trying to dispose of the body.

  4. Never cared for his Ali G, or his Borat movies really not caring to see the new one at all. Sacha Baron Cohen is a hypocrite from England that needs to just stay over in England and keep his shit out of American politics trying to make Republicans look bad Sasha is an actual jackass

  5. The first borat was creative and funny. I started watching the new one. It has little creativity and relies on shock value to attempt to be humorous.. It fails badly.I couldn't finish it.

    Although we share different viewpoints on some of you content , you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  6. You know if I was a politician, and having the media distort literally everything I say and do, I'd literally have both middle fingers up all the time, and every other word out of my mouth would be a profanity. If you're going to use the rules against me, I'll use the rules against you.

    What happens in those states where they changed the rules?
    Happy New year 1984 comrade. That's what happens.

    The average American shouldn't vote. Period. How low info are they? I'm more Service Guarantees Citizenship. The only reason the left talk so much about voting is low info voters are likely to vote a certain way. The flaw in carlin's statement is that that's now how bell curves work, the truth is the majority are that stupid, some even worse, some better but those willing to step outside of mainstream thought are probably rare.

    Along the lines of whatever is socially acceptable to say, along what the mainstream tells them what to believe, these are the sheep works like animal farm talks about, they will believe and parrot whatever their social group tells them with 0 independent thought, 0 research. They are the kind of collectivist thought The Borg from Trek warned us about. Yes, I'm throwing a lot of names around, but guess what? If you have not come to your beliefs on your own thought, logic, reason.. If you couldn't adequately defend any position that you hold and claim to be passionate about in a debate, then you deserve one of those terms. Because then it isn't a position that you thought about and reasoned out to be the truth, you're just parroting someone else.

    But whatever folks, Imma parrot another carlin sentiment, and I'll paraphrase it here
    I find myself distancing myself from humanity as I feel I have no stake in it. When you're born, you're given a ticket to the freakshow, when you are born in america, you are given a front row seat.

    Nothing I as an individual can do, is going to stop or change the course of human nature. I simply do not have that much influence, nor am I likely to ever. I'm still going to vote for trump despite I don't want jury duty, despite student loans have not been hounding me as of yet, I suspect they may after for my audacity to have a voice. Do what you feel you need to, myself, I feel so disconnected from normal people and society that, really, I'm just an outside observer watching the show, eating popcorn and wondering WTF.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Sacha Baron Cohen is a one trick pony. Every few years along he comes with another piss take of Republicans. Practical jokes, set ups, ridicule, sexual innuendo – yawn. He’s about as funny as haemorrhoids and just as irritating. Nice to see him getting a taste of his own medicine for once.

  8. Cohen is an idiot who doesn't even realize that he lives and works in a Constitutional Rebublic, not a democracy; That's what our founding father's gave us "if you can keep it." A pure democracy is nothing more than mob rule and that's the last thing we need as a country!

  9. I'm getting pretty fed up with all those so-called "independent fact checkers" on social media.. I just stumbled on a simple comment under an article on Facebook that was censored because according to an "independent fact checker" it was impossible to verify if the information was legitimate or not..
    And all it was is just a picture of Obama and one of those infamous cages and it said something like "Fun fact: These were built by me".. Which is 100% correct and can be easily verified by any moron..

    Btw, does anyone know if those fact checkers are actually facebook employees, or do they hire an external company for it.. Or are they perhaps just other users that report comments and posts they find the same way as reporting spam or fake accounts works..

  10. Watched new Borat last night…. Had some hilarious moments and I'm a good sport about joking on Republicans. But this movie is nothing but Democrat mockumentary. I find it ironic that it perfectly explains how the media deceives people by editing and stereotyping normal Americans. But this is why we conservatives can debate. We are constantly exposed to leftism and have a sense of humor.

  11. Sacha/Borat set up Rudy. OK, an old guy tries to hook up with a young hot chick when she flirts with him. No surprise! It's an ancient prank. Young hottie acts like she's interested in an ugly guy UNTIL the big reveal comes in the most Public, Embarrassing, Humiliating way, and the dude finds out he got played. It's an old prank and it's cruel.

  12. Facebook makes money through their ad system, which is full of bots. If you don't filter out the bots, say bye bye to your money as an advertiser.

  13. Go over to popcornplanet and watch Andy signore who is way more left break this all down, and shows how wrong Sasha was, really breaks down how this all works, a must watch. Go search @popcornplanet