Border Officials Say SCREW Biden No-Fly Zone & Take Reporters In Chopper


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  1. It's obvious the Democrat Demondrats want to change America forever so they can stay in power as our communist overlords. Getting America loving citizens fired for not being vaccinated while flood the country with illega, undocumented unvaccinated criminals.

  2. What happened to the USA. Military Equipment that was left In Iraq? Makes you Go Hum. Americans want that Equipment Biden An the other past Equipment that was never returned we do not give freebies. Or Arm Countrys.
    We're not buying that It's Lost Biden!
    We don't need It turning up on the street.
    Why would you leave Important Equipment
    If Anyone did that they would be fired,
    Rules for thee not for me.huh! Lilly, Lilly.

  3. Get your guns ready ladies and gentlemen, the goverment has abandoned us to take law into our own hands since our own very law enforcers can't do it unless a Democrat or Biden allows it if is convenient.

  4. Democrat plan: Step 1, bring in the illegals.. Step 2, 2024(send out the mail in ballots)..Step 3, No Voter ID have illegals spread out to different states to beat electoral college. Step 4, if all else steps fail.. forge fake signatures/votes for democrats through these illegals. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. They are fraud/cheating to stay in power.

  5. I'll take the vaccine, if the Biden administration locks down the border and stops all illegal crossings.

    We were a country of men who threw millions of dollars of imported British tea into Boston harbor. Now we can't even defend our borders from unchecked illegal immigration.

  6. they should just declare open season on border crossers . after a few of them drop dead from a hail of bullets you would be surprised how fast they would turn around and swim back to haiti

  7. Russians?Where? Dude,Russians are too busy with all of the Caucaus people coming over THEIR border. Even if they did come this way to USA would probably get turned away due to "White privellage" at this point xD

  8. Let's Go Brandon. Where is our military we need to protect our United States borders? Get them out of woke class and get them on our borders or we have no country anymore!

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