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During a deposition, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz agreed that there is a “crisis” at the southern border, with more attempted crossings than he’s ever seen in his career.

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  1. I’m sorry but their “way of life” doesn’t override my instinct as an American to protect our children and resources. This free for all mentality is what Trump was trying to stop and I didn’t vote for the guy but in hindsight I should have

  2. Texas is a accomplice in this invasion for providing transportation to immigrants who would not normally have access to every state in America! Instead of rounding them up and figuring out a solution to send them back Texas is trying to spread these immigrants all over our country.

  3. How many of these people are educated, skilled?? I'd say less than 10 percent!! So where are they going to work?? At the jobs nobody wants, the bottom of the food chain!! Cheap labor for the big companies to exploit at the expense of all of us. Undermining all the gains we made in the last 5 years!! GONE!!

  4. I bet you any amount of money that it's not only making the amount of people coming here surge but it's making the violence in our country surge. I'm afraid to walk in my own neighborhood. I'm afraid I'll go out one morning and not come home because somebody hits me over the head or worse. That's scary. 🤯🤢

  5. He won't debate that with someone of actual intelligence that has the reasons and facts that he actually needs.. and you may not like americans inside america.. problem is that is why Russia can righteously nuke Europe.. if Americans aren't welcome on their own lands why would that not also happen in Europe? You felt entitled to that not happening.. you felt this was your land.. but it will cost Europeans in america their home country to not allow free travel of the american race on american soil.. that's not a maybe.. that's coming soon.. my race doesn't have enemy's.. just Europeans demanding a free ride or else.. you may threaten a border agent.. you may not rip off america and complain when you loose your home country.. truth hurts.. and your theft only made to have only enemy's.. they don't have to do your bidding to get what they get out of your women.. sorry but this is how life works and how evil thieves get what they deserve..

  6. More lies and coverups criminals two million-a-year illegal Mexicans coming in no jobs no English making us pay for their food hotels rent spending money phones heat this Biden inflation Bidenflation And fake FBI fake DOJ fake IRS they are the fascist they are the Marxist they are the socialist spending every penny every day

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