Boris 🇬🇧

His replacements are all worse.

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  1. Apparently the Tories were warned by the Navy that deploying them would actually increase the number of crossings but they deployed them anyway just to look like they were doing something! And they haven't even enforced reciprocal checks on EU goods, so they are giving EU producers a competitive advantage over British producers, at least in the single market we would have a level playing field, but why would the EU ever agree to that now Boris has surrendered? Even Rees Mogg said carrying out Brexit "would be an incredible act of self harm" .They don't know how to sort out the migrant problem and they never had any intention of getting Brexit done! They are a bunch of lying traitors

  2. Well, I'm happy to learn Parliament is back to its normal hi-jinks. An ineptly ruling politician follows his foolish virtue signaling ways that helped him obtain power and gets the nation into great difficulties but doesn't suffer political defeat; instead a sex scandal brings him down. Jolly old England as usual.

  3. I never heard anyone called a "wet sponge" before. You Brits have such a wonderful way with words! Don't ever change. Still though, where is the Thatcherish candidate? We need another Maggie to show us Americans what a leader with balls looks like again.

  4. Thats NOT why. He sent someone out to defend his actions, and claim that he had no prior knowledge of previous incidents. WHILST this person was defending him, HE came clean, admitting that he'd been told of previous incidents and royally fucked over the poor bastard who'd been wheeled out on his behalf.

  5. Lies, lies and damned lies. its all theatre by the WEF and if joe public don't stand against it this world will soon be one huge prison. Then we will have to abandon our morals one by one to gain freedom. Amazing that God gives us freedom and asks us to behave to ensure we are not miserable, but that's ruining our fun?

  6. Her majesty's royal navy could have ended boat migration on any day of the week.
    You lost lot have been done in by your own absentee and overbearing lords and ladies. A parade of fools and their ill masters.

  7. Sounds like the establishment uniparty in DC. If it fooks the middle class and is bad for America, they're for it. Outside of Hungary, I think every country in the world is run by the worst people.

  8. His instincts were often good (brexit, herd immunity) but he was too weak to stand against the metropolitan woke blob. Anyway none of this rearranging deckchairs makes a difference.

  9. He was working with international Communists to destroy Western Civilization, Initiating a " reset" as the Left calls it, anarchy and death in reality to destroy the few freedoms UK residents and depravity on parade, protected and bankrolled by the State.

  10. This is what Britian gets for colluding with communism. But hey at least they can boast in helping to defeat NS Germany for doing what their empire had done for centuries.

  11. This news story was so confusing that I just had to ignore it. Given everything that happened, I just couldn't believe that that was the reason he resigned. I still don't I still think something else happened or his party is just done with it, and they're using this as an excuse

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