Boris Caves To EU Over Brexit Trade Deal

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Boris Caves To EU Over Brexit Trade Deal

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Dear Tory party. If you can smell which way the wind is blowing, remove Boris and put someone with belief in the UK and walk from the talks. Or you’re all getting P45’s as soon as possible.

  2. Come on Nigel lets all get together and destroy these sellout bastards Tories are fucked I knew the bastards would sell us out,so Nigel are you in for the fight or are you gonna sell us out as well like the rest

  3. Boris wants to wait to see if Democrats win. He is following the Soros/Bill Gates line. If the Democrats win we will be straight back in the EU. They will not, however, win so the British government is going to be in a real mess come November. They may even fall

  4. If he caves in over fishing it will be his swan song, Starmmer will be the next prime minister. He is making a mess over the virus now so his days are numbered as indeed is the Conservative party.

  5. I had such high hopes that Boris would be a no nonsense PM. If he gives in to the EU he is finished. We have already waited too long, no wonder we are now a laughing stock.

  6. Is Bloomberg speaking for the British Government.

    It's Owner is a Marxist Democrat Politican a liar who wanted to be President.

    This is not True.

  7. We might be an independent Country but We Do Have A SPINELESS LEADER That Seems to be Lying to The Very People Who Voted him in , Please do NOT MAKE ANOTHER DEADLINE WE ALREADY LOOK LIKE A COUNTRY OF TWATS !!!

  8. I knew it, Just knew it. Boris by even extending, the EU will view this as a sign of weakness. I was one of the voters that hovered over ballot for five minutes before voting for Boris and conservatives. What put me off was Theresa the EU Appeaser and the question would in my mind at this ballot box, will Boris stuff the British public on what they voted for? If this is true, he has done so. Boris, your an idiot in my opinion doing this! You dare sell fisheries, sign up to their level playing field, which is remain and Brexit in name only etc down the river and you will be finished, especially here in the North that lent you their vote

  9. Boris is all mouth and no action. He can kiss his premiership goodbye, as he will be seen as another loser. What Britain wants is a prime minister who stands up for the people of Britain, who have voted to leave, on several occasions. Instead we have another leader with no balls. All mouth and no action.
    The country is calling out for a leader with substance. But unfortunately when you look at what is in Westminster, all I see is weak leaders of all the parties. I hope Nigel Farage will make a call, to wake up the country, and to really show what a load of tossers that are leading the country.
    "We are doomed Mr Mannering".

  10. Lord Frost has advised the PM that a trade deal is still possible. It seems Lord Frost is the only one who believes that. Neither side can afford to collapse, Barnier daren't back off of fishing, state aid, a level playing field, or anything else, it would defeat the EU plan to continue governing the UK, and forcing the UK to accept EU laws and the ECJ. PM Johnson daren't back off because he promised Brexit as it should be and his failure would be the end of his career and possibly the Tory Party. Thus, a trade deal which has not even been discussed as yet is totally and absolutely impossible. Boris has now shown he doesn't mean what he says and has made himself weak. So, we should now cease all talks and leave Dec.31st on WTO terms which we should have done from the start and attempt talks on trade later. In the meantime, checks should be made that quotas are being adhered to with EU fishing in UK waters. Charges should also be made against French fisheries for the violence against UK vessels legally fishing in French waters for scallops. Failing which, French fishing in UK waters should be banned until such charges and penalties are made.

  11. How many high wire negotiations have you been involved with Mayar?
    This deadline will be forgotten very quickly but if by showing a degree of flexibility he facilitates a settlement, it will be a significant win for Boris and if not, nothing is lost IMHO! – no one can say he didn’t try!
    I don’t think you are thinking things through!

  12. Usual gutless British Government. Only interested in lining there own pockets. Boris has been a major disappointment. It is obvious the EU will never give us a worthwhile deal. There future depends on it. We have to leave with NO DEAL for our future prosperity.

  13. The Bloomberg article states that Boris is set to decide after meetings on Thursday and Friday.

    So the deadline has essentially been shifted to either the end of the day on Friday OR the end of October.