Boris FINALLY Walks Away From Brexit Talks. No Deal Confirmed.

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Boris FINALLY Walks Away From Brexit Talks. No Deal Confirmed.

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. European big wigs are only panicking because with the UK leaving firstly others will follow but secondly they've realized the gravy train is coming to an end as is the power they weave

  2. Fish is the only thing they not got from us, they got every thing else from us, uk don't even know how important it's going to be in the near future, fish, farms, water, own energy source,.

  3. Nothing left to negotiate, no economies left to trade with, just scraps until the economic reset. They are all walking away from broken systems because they know the future system is pure control which is all they ever wanted. The actors on the world stage following a global plot line, they are simply following the script. It's all a lie, it's all a farce.

  4. You see crawling but everyone else sees” when this fails, it’s not going to be The EUs fault”
    The UK is being lined up to highlight the crazy UK seesawing approach and changing promises.
    Bring on the pain… for everyone

  5. I've watched a couple of your videos in the last few days. Keep checking your sources please. You are way off on your facts regularly. Makes it really hard to trust anything you say really.

  6. Four years of time wasting by EU, tell Barnier not to bother, we should have walked away 4 years ago and by now we would be in a great position trading with our commonwealth partners enriching each Other’s lives. We don’t want a deal with the EU, Barnier get lost we don’t like mafia. Boris stop the EU wasting our time.????????❤️

  7. Good news. Boris and team sticking to the plan, what's the plan. BREXIT .Well done Boris and team we are the 5th largest trading nation in the world, soon to be the fourth. The EU will hopefully get over it and trade but on good terms for all

  8. If he has walked away why are you saying "unless there is a fundamental shift in their position"!!!! If he has walked away then it stands to reason it makes no difference if the EU change their position, does it? So he has not really walked away has he? You really do talk an amazing amount of shite Mahyar.

  9. Ye do know Boris and his team are still negotiating, this announcement is purely to keep ye mugs in line, he'll make an agreement and sneak it through parliament without ye even knowing, he's a con man and just wants your votes, it's hilarious ???

  10. Odd how world leaders can just flit around the globe and meet up whenever they want, but most of us in Britain aren't even allowed to meet our friends in the pub.

  11. What I would like to know is what does fishing in UK waters have to do with a free trade deal,? After the UK does expect reciprocal access to French grape harvest etc.

  12. In Europe , we will do the same as the UK government and the UK citizens.
    The European waters will be forbidden to the UK fishermens.
    The sale of the UK fisheries will be prohibited in Europe.
    Europeans will no longer eat the UK fisheries, and will not buy the UK products.
    European citizens and European governments have also their fishermens , their workers, their freedoms and their sovereignties.
    Good bye, good riddance and good luck UK !

  13. Never trust a German politician when it comes to Europe, just leave no deal and have a policy that means we can only negotiate with individual countries so that the rest of Europe will have to end the EU before they get the benefits of our billions and billions. Our tiny little island spend more than the 450 million people in the whole of the EU so fuck em

  14. No no no!! There must be a deal. Otherwise how will MPs get their juicy cushy jobs after becoming unelectable at home? Oh, no, wait. We still have the House of Lords for that. Whew ?

  15. About bloody time… Looks like he's actually taken his head from out of his arse!
    Lets not continue with this lockdown rubbish. Let sort the economy out and move forward on this! ??

  16. The eu want a level playing as long as it’s level in their favour like the last forty odd years when they ruined our fishing fleets and manufacturing industries. It’s time to build our industries up and compete.

  17. If boris sticks to his promises about wanting full control of our waters he will get the Tories alot of votes up here in Scotland and we can finally get rid of the narrow minded nationalists.. bye bye sturgeon

  18. Finally !! – To some degree we need each other as trading partners, but IMHO The EU countries need us on their terms much more than we need them – they will capitulate one by one when they realise just how much. The fact we haven't got a 'Canada Style' deal is just churlish and now a failed tactic on their part – i wont be surprised if it all changes in a month though.