Boris HITS OUT At Macron As He Vows To Stop Migrant Boats

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Boris HITS OUT At Macron As He Vows To Stop Migrant Boats

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. The reason why you speak "posh" (i would say clearly with a neutral accent) is because you have an innate sense of decorum and are a natural communicator. Your voice can be understood on both sides of the Pond and throughout the UK, whatever the region. Carry on what you are doing good sir. All clear with 99.9 percent of us here methinks.

  2. just make it law, that if you come in illegally then you will never get refugee status, never get citizenship, and never be able to stay in this country, come in illegally then you WILL be deported.
    not to france, but to your country of origin,

  3. What about all the immigrants that have been here years who they just let have citizenship because they were here so long illegally, to massage the figures

  4. Mahyar
    1. Can you explain the Marrakesh Treaty.
    2. Can you explain the Sandhurst Treaty.
    What do these mean re the legality of immigrants sailing into our country.
    Is this why the government are treating these people in the way they are – as welcome new Britons?

  5. Macron is taking the mickey. He will not agree. We would not have found out about these illegals without Mr. Farage and others like Active Patriot. The authorities do NOT want us to see what is going on. In fact they have arrested AP for breach of the peace. All he was doing was taking photos. Oh yes, and Serco seem to be making a bundle out of the illegals coming here.

  6. I’m afraid we as a country are useless, politicians that don’t bother about the ordinary man in the street, we are getting over run with too many black young men, from Muslim country’s in North Africa , and too many Muslims from Asia , and why are they coming to Christian country’s, they could go to plenty Muslim country’s, ill tell you why , because they hate Christianity they call us infidels , and their aim is to take over and they make you become Muslim.

  7. Black lives matter is the most racist statement I've heard in years! Look at their Web site, says what they stand for, which is to destroy how we live! Freedom of speech will die & our way of life will be gone forever!

  8. Our government have not mismanaged the migrants … They have managed escorted and houses and fed hundreds of migrants in line with the Kalergi Plan .. We the public and the migrants themselves are no more than cattle to all of the collaborating governments … The pandemic a brilliant way to keep us cattle coraled whilst they execute their plan …