Boris Johnson scraps the foreign aid department as part of post Brexit Global Britain!! (4k)

This will have the lefties in a meltdown – Boris is shutting down the Department for International Development.

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced that he will be shutting down the Department for International Development, otherwise known as DfID, and merging what’s left with the Foreign Office as a department for foreign affairs.

DFiD is the government department currently responsible for doling out 0.7% of UK Gross National Income across the world in the form of foreign aid, something many people question due to the huge amounts of money involved and some of the dubious recipients that receive the proceeds of our largesse.

The PM has made the announcement as part of his Global Britain speech this afternoon.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. most foreign aid is actually export subsidy to uk companies or the company of the country that is giving it. ie you give x country 100 million dollars for tractors x can only buy tractors from your country. Yes it helps x country but also helps yours. Also foreign is a form of soft power, if x country says you suck it risks losing that 100 million. You decide that you not give foreign aid y country smiles gives them 20 million for tractors brought from y country and gets x country to support its aims. So go for it. All this time you believed it was aid? If the government gives no money then those ngos can not be controlled by the government as they are really independent perhaps that is a good outcome.

  2. Scrap Foreign Aid or purchase UK Goods & Products & send “in kind” Aid to Countries rather than currency to keep it out of corrupt Third World Politicians’ pockets. Maybe a good idea to establish UK Distribution Centers in these other countries to better monitor to see that this Aid gets to the right people.

  3. Over the scores of years, many concerned activists such as Susan George and many others such as the American George Perkins have analysed aid and come to the near unanimous conclusion that the money was tied to political and economic self benefit; in the case of the US , Perkins describes in detail how it is used to create and maintain corruption in the pseudo- nations that emerged from the European and US colonies – in my opinion also the synthetic pseudo-cultures , pseudo-natives and Esperanto-like languages that cannot build up capacity within the genetically and physically contained neocolonies so that they would be perpetually amenable to exploitation – and corrupted politicians. Apparently, there is evidence that the Scandinavian nations are the least tainted in that some trickle of their aid money goes to " the poor" in terms of untied aid; but that is a rare exception to the rule. From that backdrop, I think the notoriously efficient and shrewd British are creating a very efficient system of linking their politics and economics of aid as described by Perkins et al. by the amalgamation of the two departments. More consolidated, long term evil in the pseudonations can be expected to arise from such plans.

  4. I remember 24 Million Pounds being handed to Mugabe in Zimbabwe a long time ago. He bought a load of Land Rovers for the Zimbabwe Military and Police. They used them to mow down anyone who dared to protest. Stop all aid, we will need every penny we can save to help us through the battle ahead.

  5. Good. Feeding nations people who hate us deteste us. Even when brought here given every amenity still not one of us. Only patriots and traitors. No other option.

  6. The Foreign Secretary isn't a Great Officer of State. That particular piece of nonsense was made up by a journalist, and has got nonchalantly accepted as canon. Even the Prime Minister isn't an officer of state; he's an officer of government. The Great Officers are people like the Lord Almoner, Lord Chancellor, Lord Chamberlain, Lord Admiral, Earl Marshal, Lord Steward, Lord Treasurer, Lord Constable, and the Master of the Horse.

  7. People have to realize that the left in its present form in the establishment, the administrative governmental staff, the media such as the BBC, Sky News and the Guardian along with the universities elites are responsible for the mayhem happening. I have also mentioned that there is a nefarious organization called The Common Purpose that is involved in radicalizing political correctness,
    identity politics and cultural Marxism in all the aforementioned organizations.

  8. I'm sure the vast majority of the voting public wants foreign aid to be reduced to zero. I have a picture of a can of foreign aid sardines bought from a shop in South Africa.

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  10. JUNE 2020 about time too.
    Foreign Aid should of ended years ago.
    The money can go to Councils instead, time to get our streets and roads up to scratch, and end the patch work quilt roads we ALL have to use.
    Total scrapping of any new version of Foreign Aid must be delivered upon now.

  11. Good, less free money for the corrupt governments. They will always be third world if we keep giving them money for nothing, no incentive for them to look after their people.

  12. It is great that we will stop giving money in aid, but what about money wasters like Sadiq Khan? He is a total waste of time and money on top of being a waste of space in his job of London Mayor.

  13. The left have boxed us in with the 0.7%. I’d like to see some of it spent in the UK on people coming from other countries – as they are technically foreign and it would relieve the spending on them from council budgets.

  14. The best way for the UK to use uk aid is to spend all monies intended to be spent on aid , is to use all moneys on aid directed to the home country IE The UK we are in need of every penny . why waste taxpayers hard earned cash on climbers we have always given away money now it needs keeping for UK Needs .