Boris Johnson wants Brexit deal sealed by end of July! (4k)

The UK PM appeared to have won through yesterday when the EU agreed to up the pace of the trade talks – but the EU still wants its level playing field.

The UK Prime Minister had a high level video conference meeting about Brexit yesterday with the EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen.

On the UK side joining Boris was the Cabinet Minister Michael Gove and the UK Brexit negotiator David Frost.

And with von der Leyen were the president of the EU Council, Charles Michel and the president of the EU Parliament, David Sassoli.

And it seems that some oomph was generated and also that the EU side has now come to realise that they’d been misled if they thought that the UK was going to ask for a lot gasp extension to the trade negotiations.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. The EU are a Wolf in Sheep clothing! Stay on guard and watch your flanks when the EU look like they're been friendly Boris!! They know their time is coming to an end so don't fall for bailing them out now! We can trade deal with the rest of the world on "a level playing field" under WTO 😉

  2. Boris best hide in that ditch he promised to jump into if he doesn't deliver on brexit. Level playing field is a sell out !! Shouldn't even be talked about !

  3. Boris could save GB a lot of time by simply giving the EU a list of acceptable conditions and telling them to come up with a proposal that meets them. Any proposal failing that test should simply be rejected and the EU told to try again.
    No negotiation, just go back and try again. Meanwhile the clock is ticking down to "No-Deal o'clock" – go ahead, we'll wait.
    It would cut out all the bullshit and prevarication by the EU and get some serious proposals in no time flat.
    It is a point of amazement that no one involved in this circus seems to realise that the UK has the EU by the short hairs and doesn't need to compromise on anything – it is the EU who must come up with an agreeable offering. The UK can simply walk away and not look back if they so choose.

  4. There won't be a Brexit deal in July….or August….or September!
    We don't want a close special relationship with the EU….NO LEVEL PLAYING FIELD…NO COMPROMISES
    We want a clean break – no deal Brexit.

  5. I voted to LEAVE. No to any compromise and certainly NO level playing field. Watch it Boris. No sell out. We all are watching you carefully. Hope Nigel is not retiring yet!

  6. Boris WONTS a deal at any cost, because he can't Waite to give them 39 Billion pounds, the ???. It's costing us a billion a month. What a mug.

  7. @Jeff, I think the EU know they won’t get their demands met so they are changing their projection, by this I mean they are projecting now that they will not give us a deal rather than we not agree a deal.

  8. The EU will never give us a decent deal!! I have said it before they are only interested in dictating & dominating member states. Its about time they woke up & realised they are no longer in a position to boss us around like they used to. We are now an independant sovereign nation able to make our own decisions and broker our own deals. The best deal we could ever have from the EU is an emphatic NO DEAL!!

  9. UK must walk out of the negotiation now. After all UK is already well off outside corrupt EU. Why continue to talk to those who need UK? Really it makes no sense. Boris should end all négociations and suppress any negotiating roles so that the money can be use in UK. Full stop