Boris Officially BANS Huawei’s 5G As China Panics

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Boris Officially BANS Huawei’s 5G As China Panics

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. The phrase you are looking for to describe Philip Hammond is SWAMP DWELLER. Just another grubby career politician lining his own pockets like Blair etc.

  2. So, what is the threat Huawei poses. If its hardware has devices installed which enable the CCP to listen in, how is it that GCHQ & NSA cannot detect them. If it’s a software issue again how is this undetectable. Does China produce undetectable hacking techniques that the rest of world does not have the technology to counter. As Edward Snowden revealed it was perfectly acceptable for the NSA to listen in on everyone’s communications. Are we saying that whilst spying on everyone else the NSA & GCHQ are unable to prevent anyone else from doing it?

    This is not a security issue it’s a political one and a right one. We should be weaning ourselves off all made in China products


  4. If China could hurt any western country or company regardless of whether we are friendly or not they will do it don’t be suckered in by this, the CCP are gangsters.

  5. China are trying to steel land from 21 different countries, including Russia (perhaps Putin and Trump will join forces?).
    So, why would anyone trust them, when they are already threatening us and others. It’s a good decision, but seems a little late.
    Perhaps Covid and the mistrust it caused may have actually helped us?

  6. People need to understand the technical issues involved. There will or may be so called metaphorically speaking “ blackouts” in your broadband connections, what is called a switch over period as downtime will be required to switch over to new hardware. It should be seamless and the consumer may not notice any changes, but in the real world of engineering and high tech hardware it may prove problematic at some stage. This will be a nightmare for BT or Openreach. Huawei is intertwined within the network. It will take a great deal of hard work to remove this. There will be literally hundreds of man hours involved. Our communication companies will take years to uninstall this equipment. With visits to probably hundreds of telephone exchanges and main hardware centres. Companies that use private circuits, the general consumer and all other large network users will indeed have to be very patient. I digress a little in my comments here, but you get my drift. However it is better that the U.K. does this now than later, and at last showing our strategy for long term cyber security is in our own hands. Time and time again in this ruthless segment of the 21st century certain that we live in certain countries will use underhanded tactics to achieve power and control, often using bully tactics. Cybercrime and spying are but a few tools from a larger collection. Any country that can control e commerce can control the world. Well done the UK for taking this decision !.

  7. We all no why they say that long its so they can get there nasty spy technology inplace there only here because they have to have contact with are servers they carnt doit without being on site and we all no boris and his speech were the leading in technology but carnt get the basic things done and were the highest death toll in the world of covid so its just a load of crap as usual coming from the tories the ccp already planting technology to help the ccp all over Britain so take this as a heads up on you must strip all technology that these chi have put into your systems otherwise they are going to cripple your country when the time comes its a bad mastake letting chi put anything that can have access to your systems

  8. How will the media turn trump/boris actions against china in Hong Kong into a bad thing, they have done it to everything trump does, the freedoms of Hong Kong doesn't matter to the snp because the two pandas ? are worth more an old folk and the freedom that where meant to last 50 years.

  9. 7 years! Are you kidding?
    That basically means Boris is just kicking it down the road.
    Priti Patel hasn't yet managed to stop the dinghy's from arriving daily.
    Hancock is doing his best to mask us up, and drag out the plandemic.
    Boris has not yet managed to halt the Yuppy train HS2, which everyone pays for, but only the wealthy will use.
    Meanwhile, we have had monuments vandalised and removed, useless police, Begum given a chance to come back.
    If this is winning, it sure doesn't feel like it….

  10. I wish no harm to Chinese people in general, but they are having multiple flooding disasters, earthquakes and are facing possible famine. The Sino Grain companies have rotting, moldy corn made extra weighty with what looks a lot like building rubble.

    Their stock market is in trouble and the property bubble is bursting. And their currency is not in good shape.
    Now America and Lichtenstein are freezing the assets of the wealthy…. TikTok is about to be banned as the world realizes they might be a bit spyish. Big banks insist workers delete Chinese apps.

    I feel quite sorry for the citizens, whom I'm sure are mostly decent. Plus it's very uncool to say otherwise when we see them drowning and their houses floating down the river. Poor sods.

    That bloody great skyscraper is leaking from top down. Mini waterfalls pouring from the light fixtures. So prestige!

    Their new military planes will be stuffed with RUSSIAN engines too…. Not a good look, is it?

    While it's not looking fantastic for Whinnie the Flu's clan (meh) I wish no harm to their beleaguered citizens.

  11. The uk buckling to US demands again.Taking back control my arse.Can our elected mp’s scrutinise the trade deal or the public see it.? It is to be kept secret for 5 years after the trade deal is agreed..