Boris Ready For No Deal!

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Written by Westmonster


  1. Boris is a trater and has no intenchons of walking away he is fooling the
    People in our country
    Do not trust Boris he hasn't riped up the agrement until he does that I do not trust him

  2. They've delayed long enough to show good will… yep. Time to pull the plug on this shyte show. Just do the required work to survive and thrive in the brave new world. Free is free.

  3. Boris of you follow through with no deal I will vote for you. Even if it costs my own job. Because the EU are mental free our kids we can rebuild our economy. If we carry on giving eu powers our children will be inslaved.

  4. Upto now, the goverment appear to be doing the right thing. The nation now need to get behind Boris. We also need to remember that Lord Frost has played "a blinder".

  5. Celebrate thickos!! ??

    Business leaders warned of the impact of leaving the EU without a trade deal on sectors ranging from automotive to food and drink, one warning that the UK was entering "dangerous territory".
    Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, said leaving the EU without a deal would have a "devastating" impact on the motor industry, hitting the economy and jobs in every region of the country.
    "Businesses have been battling coronavirus at the same time as investing heavily in decarbonisation, all while preparing as best they can for a seismic change in trading conditions come year end.
    "To avoid permanent damage, we urge both sides to keep talking, to remain calm but work with renewed vigour on a deal that supports automotive, a sector that is the UK's biggest exporter of goods and one of the UK and Europe's most valuable economic assets."


    Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, said: "The Prime Minister's statement signals that we are heading into very dangerous territory.
    "In the event of a no-deal Brexit, shoppers will, literally, pay a heavy price.
    "Imported food and drink from the EU will face eye-watering tariffs averaging 18% kick starting price rises.
    "At the same time border delays and disruption will bring further costs which will not be subsumed by industry.
    A no-deal outcome is bad for food and drink businesses, bad for food security, and bad for every household in Great Britain."

  6. I may not be seeing this right, but what's so special about our fishing water? Surely the 27 members of the EU have more sea around their coasts than we have, why do the want to use our little bit of sea??

  7. Its stillopen to interpretation. He should have said that the negotiastions have now be4en completed. Any future negotiations will not be considered until the second week of January when reporesentations should nbe made by the newly appointed EU Ambassador who shall have been presented to our Queen complete with letters patent and bend the knee. This ambassador will be treated with all the ceremony and respect as for any other country.

  8. There was a BBC interview after the main one and he was not committal to a WTO, hinting that there door was still open and they were negotiating until the end. So there could still be a deal done we need to "watch that space"

  9. keep going…. bluff accepted stone wall and send out the message of competition on there doorstep. end of the day whole world to trade with and eu can wait.

  10. Ahah, this is becoming hilarious. On Friday, the markets reacted more to the downgrading of the UK’s economy by Moody’s than Boris’ announcement. That means nobody believes what he’s saying anymore, except brexiters obviously…