Boris To Ditch Brexit Deal As EU Plunges Into Turmoil

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Boris To Ditch Brexit Deal As EU Plunges Into Turmoil

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist



  2. We are British, we lived outside of Europe since the beginning, and very successfully. Europe has envied the UK forever, let them continue. Hidden at the moment , there is a new industrial revolution soon to come through, and the UK is the source. There are things that will change the world and leave Europe frustrated that they couldn't steal out new tech. I say put gunboats to see and shoot the foreign fishing boats. They have destroyed the fishing in their waters, they can buy our fish catches and pay their import tarrifs on our fish, instead of stealing. All old fishermen get your boats serviced there is fishing to be done and customers to service.

  3. Still on the fence on whether i like or loath you Mahyar ,there is no doubt you certainly talk the talk ,really wish you would be a bit more equal in your portrayal on both sides of the argument for and against the eu etc etc ,always remember there is always two sides to any story ,the bbc have shot themselves in the foot for being totally bias ,be very aware that if you make the same mistakes the downing street mob will do the same to you.
    It is commendable that you speak of a united kingdom ,sorry but what part of britain is united my friend ,you must remember that Scotland voted voted 63% to remain as did northern Ireland ,i am not saying you are wrong in your aspirations to be free of eu ,but kindly my friend if it is ok for england to be free of eu ,why then is it not ok for Scotland to be free of england and Westminster as we are two different countries .

  4. As far as I remember there was a weak minority government with a vastly remainer Parliament when the reopened Agreement was being negotiated. The government was forced to leave only with a deal because no deal was legally out of the table. When the pro EU lobby does everything it can to undermine the government s position it s no surprise that you finally get trapped in a bad agreement regarding Northern Ireland. However some aspects in the Protocol are uniquely ambiguous. This provides the ground to make legal clarifications without the need to break the international law. If finally it s not possible to make some necessary changes down the Irish Sea you can denounce the Protocol under the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement , that protects both nationalist and unionist community. No border in the island no border at Sea. The GFA was not made to protect the EU single market, but to establish peace on the island of Ireland..Greetings from Greece??

  5. Well done???? So you are good with the government breaking international law and lose our trust with other countries with whom we are trying to negotiate Deals? Also, no matter what other countries that we enter into trade agreements we, as well as them, have to follow some of their rules just as with the EU. By your comments, if we enter into ANY trade agreement we lose our sovereignty?

  6. Independence & Sovereignty are words thrown around by the UK a lot these days.
    Especially in regards to EU and trade-deals, which is stupid.

    The UK was never not-Independent & it was never not a Sovereign country.

    But by the logic applied these days by the UK, then by having US military bases on your soil, makes you a vassal of the United States, so I guess you are not a Sovereign country after all.

  7. I hope that if we do get a Clean/W.T.O. Brexit, Boris tells the E.U. they can shove the Billions that we WERE going to give them as a divorcee settlement up the E.U.'s poop-shute!

    NO ACCESS TO BRITISH WATERS FOR ANY FOREIGN COMMERCIAL FISHING VESSELS. (Sorry to shout.) If exclusion from British waters will impact European fishermen so much, it just shows how much E.U. fishermen are parasitising Britain.

  8. Mahyar Tousi you ARE the media…
    I knew the BBC wouldn’t explain the government thinking on this but I cannot find anything anywhere that explains it better than you have here.

  9. According to him, International Law is not true law, but a code of rules and conduct of moral force only. He holds that International Law is no law as it does not emanate from a law giving authority and has no sanction behind it.

  10. This article says Michel Barnier is trying to punish Britain, claims German MEP
    . Hans-Olaf Henkel said Mr Barnier wants to make sure the withdrawal is such a “catastrophe” for the UK that no other country will follow it'. This is excellent evidence for the UK case in a court of law (not that Japan needed convincing), that it is the EU that has not made 'best endeavours to negotiate an agreement'. Thus, they have shot themselves in the foot. We need to raise the profile of this case with the public and give the government all the back-up we can – it needs it!

  11. in my opinion the uk's membership of the eu was illegal anyway as all the treaties signed were never put to the people of the uk for their agreement , yes i hope you are hearing this, john major, tony blair, gordon brown, before you harp on about international law !.

  12. The EU subsidizing their fisheries or fishermen, gives an unfair advantage to EU fishermen. In order to 'even the playing field' between EU an UK fishermen, the UK should place tariffs on EU fish. UK fishermen aren't getting big subsidies, have to pay their own way, that is not an even playing field. Best put on tariffs to even things up.

  13. If that is what you think you are very wrong. The game they are playing seems to be out of your grasp!
    The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020! Is the title of their document.
    If you know how to read law correctly the document reads.
    The European Union Act 2020. Anything in brackets does not belong in the title!
    This actually goes as far back as 1688! Would take too long to explain here but things are being tackled by skilled people in the background, also to put common law back into place and rid of the EU correctly, Johnson has no part in this and is only a puppet creating fear, confusion and chaos as he was ordered to do.
    Do a little research and get off the mainstream bullshit. Or is this simply click-bait disinformation platform?

  14. Britain signed and agreed to the deal and now its going back on it. Trumpine style, for sure say onething and then deny you said it. Then throw your dummy out of the pram and blame everyone else. No one cares what ye do. Please please leave as quick as you can, by staying your giving the EU a bad name.