Boris To ‘PAUSE’ NHS Jab Mandate

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  1. everything is going as planned. they know they can't get away with the mandate so they are drawing out the threat as long as they can. they don't seem to realise that those that have held out this long simply will not cave.

  2. It must be stopped. We must all support and stand with those NHS workers because trust me they’re the test case. Next it will be supermarket staff, restaurant and pub staff and then the rest of us.

  3. 👏👏👏 so glad this has happened! I hope this now reads across to Care Workers and will allow them to be re-employed. Human Rights and all those that marched Saturday, have at last a glimmer of positivity in this coercive synthetic pathogen lunacy.

  4. The vaccine (allegedly) reduces symptoms but offers no reduction in transmission of the virus. That puts more infected people in work and doing normal life. Basic common sense shows that far from being helpful it can only INCREASE transmission.

  5. Trouble is all these NHS workers when they say it my body ok I agree with them but when I go and see my brother in a care home quite right me or any other visitor got to show a negative coved test before you can go in but at the moment I can’t because there coved in there I ask myself how

  6. If they pause, they lose the argument. If unvaccinated doctors and nurses pose a health threat to patients, a) why were they allowed to treat patients all this winter b) if they are a threat to patients why continue the risk while any decision is debated. The truth is the unvaccinated are no threat; sacking healthy, dedicated, 'heroic' medical staff is simply punishment for refusing to bow the knee to government. This whole 'pandemic' is about introducing top-down government.

  7. I don’t think it should be paused I think it should be cancelled . It needs to be cancelled forever . Otherwise the government will try and bring it back at some point when they think they can get it through Parliament

  8. Those senior docs and nurses see the side effects I know of a few cardic surgeons and midwives and one othopeadic surgeon who will be leaving rather then take the clot shot. these are all qualified people who have done the job for years.
    if they get sacked let the whistle blowing begin.

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