Boris Unable to Contain Laughter After Biden Forgets the Name of Australia’s PM

Boris Johnson couldn’t contain his laughter…and neither could I.

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  1. Sleepy Joe, Bloater Johnson and the guy from down under, well if you believe in God then you better start praying because i think we are going to need all the help we can get.

  2. Next on the White House communication team agenda: Going forward, all of our guests and dignitaries will be required a “HELLO MY NAME IS ______” sticker.

  3. I want to thank all of the Biden voters that have played their part so unwittingly to help put in power the most corrupt political regime in the history of this country because you thought Trump was a mean Tweeter.

  4. his dementia nicely diverts away from the terrible job him and the democrats are doing. have you ever seen an administration get it wrong on just about everything? handing out trillions in "infrastructure" money doesn't make you fit to lead, even I could do that. did it help anyone get ahead in life or keep them down because they depend on govt assistance?

  5. Biden is a unbearable embarrassment to our nation, but then again so are the joints chiefs, the Democrats and fn news. Try Milley for treason and invoke the 25th Amendment on Biden's ass.

  6. I can’t tell what’s more serious. The incident or the fact people just laugh it off.

    Those same people won’t be laughing when China decides on ramping things up and Biden fails to lead them…

  7. As a non American, I can tell you Americans that we (most of the rest of the world) agree that Biden has and is doing all of those "horrible and crazy" things that they were afraid of Trump doing. Your Democrats are most definitely making plays out of the totalitarian playbook. It's a shame that many Americans are blind to it.

  8. He's just confused because Boris used the words freedom and democracy.The script they both follow Are supposed to start replacing those words with the communist terms build back better of which both clowns are apart of.