Boris Unveils Policy To Change BBC Model [02.03.21]

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0:00 Boris’ New Plan For The BBC

8:53 BBC Three Is Back

10:15 Rishi Sunak’s Budget

11:38 New YouTube Membership System

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Boris Unveils Policy To Change BBC Model

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. How many years have we been hearing this clap trap about the BBC having a new licence model .It's all empty rhetoric , why would Wurzel Johnson want to get rid of the Government's own mouthpiece and propaganda machine. The best way to speed up the ending of this corrupt cartel is for people to wake up AND CANCEL THEIR LICENCE . To actually have to pay for their BS propaganda REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BBC 3 was moved to online only to save money as the BBC were pleading poverty. The BBC are still pleading poverty even though the licence fee is no longer frozen so they are moving it back to freeview at huge cost

  3. The royal charter was renewed so the Tories have themselves to blame for this being stuck until 2027. The deal was – you back us and stop being so biased and we will renew the charter, well guess what the BBC are just as biased, but with a bit of lockdown lie backing

  4. Pay half the country for staying at home and starve the other half. And the BBC. When when when. They messed about for years if the bbc closed down today no one would notice or care. So when.

  5. Everything for us is s-l-o-w.. they couldnt get the covid crap in fast enough though. Theres an indicator of who benefits from it and it is not us..

  6. If it’s so diverse the bbc should give the right a channel. Thought not so there no diversity then. Just left and lefter woke and woker. Close it down and put it out of its misery.

  7. I don't care about the funding model I want the BBC to be impartial, stop over representing selected minorities and presenting the woke view as the norm. They could have that done within months. Failing that scrap it. Other providers will take over Killing Eve or whatever your favourite shows are so don't worry about missing out. The market will adapt and we will be spared the woke propaganda.

  8. There are 2 Bidens B1 and B2. The ears of both are very different. Look for yselve B1 with Kelly and now b2. B2 is a resident and not a president. Is B1 alive?

  9. He had his chance last year to sort the BBC . It's all BS . He won't do a bloody thing. Just like Patel and the illegal immigrants. This will cost more than the licence fee and will be worse. F uck in typical of the government. I won't vote for these arse holes.

  10. Local elections, Boris is looking to keep favour and idiots will go along with him because labour's is stupid, you want out of lock down then go ukip

  11. just stop paying the tv license bobo is just lying to you again To get Netflix you do not need fast broadband and it only cost a tenner or thereabouts

  12. The BBC are quite happy with the license fee controversy. While the courts are busy adjudicating civil matters regarding the BBC, there's very little time or effort spent regarding the BBC's criminal activities (they are liable for their staff's conduct).

  13. A Netflix style funding model does not need every household to have fast broad band. Its just a stupid reason to delay. Charters can be changed. If Netflix, Amazon and Disney can do it now, so can the BBC. Think of the over seas revenues that they would generate which would more than offset the UK amount.

  14. If they were going to get rid of the telly licence they would of done it by now. It's all talk and nothing more. Number one rule…. Never trust a MP!

  15. Does this mean that the BBC will disapear from freeview as they will be charging. Broadband and terrestrial tv licencing have no connection theyy are two different entities. What happens about having a national information and education channel which is the deffence that that tyhe government keep throwing in the british publics faces. Hanging on for another seven years for broadband to improve is non sensical. Competing against netflix and virgin will be the end to the BBC if it tries to be a paid service. What happens to the world service which is transmitted to the commonwealth and developing countries for free. Why should it be free to Africa for example and chargeable to its host country.

  16. Now you are just talking nonsense Mahyar! a possibility of the Ladour Party being elected in the next general election! ??????? that's a good one, I didn't know you had started doing comedy now!

  17. Things you can legally watch without a TV Licence – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ (Catch Up TV Inc Channel 4, 5 & ITV) and of course YouTube, just don't watch anything live or sign up to BBC iPlayer) Since I gave up my licence I have been much happier, don't have to sit through the constant BBC news propaganda machine promoting isolation, misery and division.