Born Free. Melbourne Freedom protest. Dan Andrews

The Chairman doesn’t deserve our support or respect. Today, Melburnians turned out in force to give the toy dictator a gentle reminder.

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. This is the time to amp things up against this treacherous, treasonous foreign agent! Libs, Labor, Greens, Animals and the rest of the scoundrels known as ‘political parties’ are nothing but a den of vipers and need to stomped and squished, as the vermin they are! Well done Victorians!

  2. Shoelaces is not there to serve the people as a democracratic Government has always done in the past, he is there to lie through his teeth whilst removing us for our RED covered book of our Constitutional rights and FREEDOMS!!! Maxcist, Facsist, Communist IDEALS and AGENDAS!!

  3. Makes me so proud of Victorians. Finally they have had enough. They've been incredibly tolerant under barrages of lock-downs, curfews, attacks from the police, battered by a woke main stream media, mandates and countless jobs lost, businesses decimated and lives devastated and destroyed. The rest of the world watched the dictators onslaught and they were dismayed. Now they're watching as the real Australian spirit rises out of the ashes and takes on the fight. A beacon of hope and light for the rest of the world. All those diggers who fought and those that died would be so proud that their fight for freedom was not in vein. Well done patriots.

  4. They look like protesters not looking for a fight. Good to see even MSM had to report that there were thousands and they were protesting against the bill and mandates. Not that they were a hundred crazy anti vaccers looking for trouble. Some balance is finally being restored.
    Great filming and nice appropriate song Danger Dan.

  5. Amanda Grace, a true prophet of the Living God, on Sat 6th November 2021, received the following word from the Lord Jesus:
    “And says the Spirit of the Lord, I have heard the cries of the people of Australia – continue to return unto me the Lord your God, and I the Lord, as you speak in faith, by My power and outstretched arm, shall squeeze your leadership until they feel the suffocation they have put upon your country. For you shall break free Australia, your chains shall be cut, the grave clothes they have attempted to put on you shall be undone and I shall give you new life and a refreshed spirit, as there shall be signs in the heavens in that part of the world to confirm to you this day what I the Lord have spoken”. Be encouraged my fellow Australians with these words. Let us continue searching our hearts and turning from all unrighteousness, giving thanks to God that He is still on the throne, still in control no matter what, still cares for us all deeply and will bring His justice, for a season, upon these global marxists and all of their political puppets worldwide that have prostituted themselves for the love of money. They too are loved by God and if they also repent and believe in His Son, they too can have mercy and grace and salvation poured out upon them.
    Thank you Jesus for Your indescribable love towards all people whom You created and died for. Amen.

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