Boston University Creates A Chimeric Variant Omi-S (Preprint Study)

Boston University Creates A Chimeric Variant Omi-S (Preprint Study)

Did they really perform gain of function to create a more lethal variant? Let’s review their preprint paper.

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URL list from Tuesday, Oct. 18 2022

Researchers’ tests of lab-made version of Covid virus draw scrutiny

Outrage as Boston University CREATES Covid strain that has an 80% kill rate | Daily Mail Online

NEIDL Researchers Refute UK Article about COVID Strain | The Brink | Boston University

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  1. Scientists do science and that's fine. But when the People decide that some projects should be banned, the judgment comes towards those who do forbidden research, give taxpayers $$ to them, and lie to government about not doing that type of research.

  2. Thank you for the factual description. I do think we have to also look at this from an ethical angle.
    We have to come to terms with the fact that the bio-genetic industry is creating the problems it is paid to solve.
    This is a very dangerous development. It has been going on for 20 years. The calls to BAN this research are in my opinion justified.

  3. These bastards making up the gain of function viruses should be locked up and key thrown away . It has NO PLACE in our sociaty anymore. The world needs protection FROM THEM not from viruses

  4. 80% death rate ..less then woohan …so its all good right ? !!!…There is nosu ch thing as 100% safe lab..there is ALWAYS a risk this can get out into the world. Those facilities also need to be shut down just like concentration camps were after world war 2

  5. While I agree this type of research is dangerous, these scientists established a very important fact. We now know that a vaccine should have been directed against the whole virus and not just the spike protein. It’s for this reason that the vaccine has not been effective against Omicron. It has now been shown that it’s other proteins in the virus that make Omicron more transmissible, not only the spike protein. Natural infection results in broad based immunity against all parts of the virus, and the vaccine should have been designed to do the same.

  6. This is straight lunacy to continue on playing with fire like this. Reminds me of the computer world. New viruses being constructed to force everyone in the windows world to buy anti virus. It never ended huge business. Same situation here with similar originating characters. Mr gates knows this game very well. Sick people want to destroy humanity

  7. Antiviral nasal spray and gargle taken for a few seconds end of each day kills any variant in nose and mouth before it moves to rest of body (virus incubation period is several days).

  8. We have no business playing with this crap unless you have ill intentions or it naturally crosses the animal human threshold. Sorry just my opinion as a peon 😂 haven't learned a thing from COVID now we already asking for more but like the US always does let's make it bigger and better idiots

  9. So what you are saying is they can manipulate virus RNA to specifically target the spike protein to alter it. I am sure this is only a new discovery and before Dec 2019 they weren't doing this in woohan.

  10. It is an interesting study. But the problem with creating the chimeric virus in the first place is that you would have no knowledge of its potential lethality until after the experiments were completed and analyzed. So any lab leak that might occur up until that time could potentially be disastrous.
    And of course “gain of function” is only determined in retrospect. I can only imagine the number of gain in function experiments that remain unascertained/ unpublished.
    Additionally it would have been interesting to investigate the other chimeric, ancestral spike/Omicron “body”.

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